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 The 144,000 Project  

Welcome to an E-Book Witnessing Revolution 

Centered around the highly inspired James Regan novel, Frameworks: The Price Of Delusion is now available in all E-Book formats for just $1.44.

Most were invited to this project because they were given the E-book as a gift and they've enjoyed reading it. Some may be here through search engines or other means. However you get here, if you have not read it, we advise you to get this over 700 page novel for yourself. If you enjoy it like most have and want to see the movie, then then just buy an E-book as a gift for any two of your friends or family members who enjoy science fiction, creating chains of readers who's gifting will create funding for the movie. 
(No limit on those you can invite!) 
Disguised as a secular story, this E-book in your hands also becomes a powerful witnessing tool. Capturing the imagination of the secular crowd, this story takes a plunge into the Top Secret world of human experimentation and exploitation. It takes us on a journey through the technology and scientific attraction of what would become the mark of the beast. It gives a plausable look at how the worlds' religions will one day be consolidated and just how easy it will be for one world dictator and his false prophet to take control. First contact with extra-terrestrials', the great apostasy and human life enhancement technology are all part of this multi-genre psychological thrill ride. Indistinguishable from a secular novel until the third act, at which point the story begins to set the record strait. Non-Christian readers will be caught up into the storyline long before the story and plot begin to plant the seeds of the gospel and allow them to learn more about the end time prophecies.
Readers have said that it is reminiscent of the writtings of Dean Koontz, like a Christian "Da Vinci Code", and "The Matrix Movies" all rolled up into one. Award Winning Filmmaker Mr. Gary Voelkler of Experience Studios had this to say after reading our detailed synopsis "As for "Frameworks: The Price of Delusion," we feel the story is very interesting, and the message is strong and solid. ".. Our potential role in the project, we are definitely interested in talking with you about doing the visual effects for the project... Whenever we see a story like this, we see a great opportunity..."
(1) Renown Author Jerry B. Jenkins of "Left Behind" fame said: "What you're attempting is what Dr. LaHaye and I were striving for, so I resonate with that and applaud your efforts." 

The world is on a collision course  with the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.  This is our chance to warn them!

How it works!

When gifting the E-Book to a friend or family member, let them read it for a while. Later, check back with them. If you see they've really enjoyed this, let them know about this project and how they can help us make a movie by buying it as a gift for their own friends & family members. It's that simple! All we ask is that you follow up and make sure that you invite them to this project. The more chains of readers we can create, the greater the success of this project. Goal: To have at least 144,000 individuals recieve the gift and give this gift to others. Follow the project on Facebook, see "like" link below. For use as a witnessing tool, gift it to a non-believer and just wait and see. When they ask you about it, you automatically have witnessing opportunities, after a while when they become more and more interested in the reality of the "end times," then you invite them to your home church.

Become part of this historical giving and Kingdom building opportunity. Gift an E-book for $1.44, share with others, fund a movie, and join a witnessing revolution! 

Respectfully Yours,

James Regan

Available in Nook, Kindle & Most E-book formats. 
On-line & at booksellers worldwide. 
978-1-4567-4315-4 (SC ISBN) 
978-1-4567-4314-7 (HC ISBN)

• Footnote: (1) James Regan is a Member of the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writer's Guild. This quote from came from direct feedback and email correspondence in which Mr. Jenkins personally critiqued and gave personal feedback to Mr. Regan on the novel. This is not to be construed as a public endorsement, but rather an acknowledgement of the synopsis of the story line, book trailer, and sample chapters that were later sent at his request.


Step 1 - Use gifting options below to give the E-book or if you need to buy one for yourself.   

Option 1- Use AMAZON's Kindle E-Book gifting option, click here to purchase at --> AMAZON <--  Or Option 2, click here to purchase it using the Nook E-book gifting option available at --> Barnes & Nobles <-- 


If you have a Facebook account, please Click here to go to the project's Facebook Page to register your participation. --> LIKE <-- Social Media.

To look inside and or place an order for other E-book formats click here. --> Google Books Preview  

Regular Soft cover and Hard cover editions also available but the project is based primarily on the E-book's special pricing. 


What your participation means, basic  information:
Individuals - When you gift this E-book to someone, preferably an unsaved person, this helps to build up your friendship and rapport with them. As this book educates them and enables them to see the things that are happening in the world around them, it creates multiple opportunities for witnessing and discussions with them.  The end results we hope for is that the seeds of the gospel in the novel take root and they can then be invited to your local churches accomplishing evangelism and kingdom building.
Networking and Duplication - This project offers a unique way for the body of Christ to work together. In a physical body all the parts work together in unity to accomplish that which is dictated by the head. The greatest evangelism happens when Christians unite to fulfill the great commission. You can ask as many as you'd like, but we are only asking that you find at least two like-minded friends who have a heart for reaching the lost. We need you to be prayerful and selective for two individuals that can trusted to follow all the way through. It is extremely important that these individuals be able to duplicate the process and it will be everyone's individual task to stay in contact with the persons they've introduced to the project until their part is completed. Like running a race and passing the baton successfully. Each runner must complete their task. Two people who will tell two people who will go on tell another two people like a multiplication of loaves and fishes to the masses. For every person who joins the project there is a possibility for someone to get saved. The more successful we are with the project the greater the opportunity for evangelism and kingdom building.
Participant Benefits - Whether we participate as individuals, groups, or even churches, we will all reap the blessings of our combined efforts as we win the lost, fill up our churches, and contribute to our own rewards in heaven. Proceeds from this project will serve as seed money for further projects that will lead to even greater evangelism, ie. Movie Project, Newsletter, End Time News Presentation. Reading this book will also give the readers basic knowledge of the New World Order, emerging technology and the compelling deception that has already ensnared many. It will serve as a wake up call for repentance and  revival. Amazing, but so much can and will be accomplished from just a small purchase of a couple of E-books at $1.44

No direct compensation or reward is promised or implied.  It is understood that although evangelism and soul winning are an integral part of the purpose, that purchases made through the online retailers in this project are not tax deductible. It is understood that the purpose of this promotion is to help in funding a movie project, but funds raised through this may not be limited to movie making. Funds raised through this promotion may also be used for other purposes not specifically stated here. JRB Goode Solutions, LLC is a for profit legally declared limited liability corporation. We are not responsible or liable for any misuse of our project materials, but all of our materials are copyrighted and should only be used as intended.