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 Welcome to Section 3 - God and Science  

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"All of the answers.com" Welcome believers and skeptics. Learn about life, faith, spirituality and more. . Though, no human being can know all of the answers, we can know the One who does.

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What in the world? 

Photo courtesy of NASA

Job 26:7, “He stretches the north over empty space, and hangs the earth upon nothing.--- ”

As it is mentioned in Psalm 19:1, the heavens really do declare the glory of God.--- Right now, you stand in the artistic center of all of God's creation, the place where God started it all. Does the science back up the creation account in Genesis?

----In this Section----
Jim's World! Science vs. God, The truth about evolution's flaws, biblically accurate science, see how science proves what is written in the Word of God. 
In the Gap Gap Theory vs. Young Earth Theory
Be-leave it! Glycation Erasion Theory, Author James Regan explores a health issue that affects human beings and could be a proximate cause for CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder)  
Pop Up Videos
Jim's World Previews 
Karen Folger 
Evolution Vs. Myth
Dr. Jobe MartinSeries: "Animals that defy Evolution" Bombadier Beetle Defies Evolution 
Evidence of a quick and rapid Creation Pulonium Halos 
Hear the melodic sounds of "God's Cricket Chorus"

We are all familiar with the chirping of crickets on a cool summer night as they sing.  The sound may sound common to a human being, but it may be a completely different experience for a cricket.   The angelic chorus you will hear accompanying the sound of actual crickets is NOT a synthesizer or a singing Chorus. It's the crickets themselves (slowed down to the speed that mimics the human life-span) creating the effect.  Songwriter and Producer Jim Wilson put together this work which is truly a testament to the diversity and beauty of God's Creation.

'God's Cricket Chorus'






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Do you see the sliced apple in the face of this owl?

Owl Wisdom

Amazing Facts Ministries-Doug Batchelor

Lies in our Textbooks - Dr. Hovind

Is the global warming movement real or imagined?  

Watch the Great Global Warming Swindle

The greatest question for some-Does God exist?!

Although many disagree with the Water Canopy Theory Dr. Kent Kovine brings out many points that the evolutionists don't want you to know!

Grand Canyon was formed by the flood not by the Colorado river.

More about Dinosaurs and humans in the bible!


. . . Modern science proves the existence of God!

Evolution vs. Creation – Part I of a series

Evolution is so filled with holes that one well-known pastor has quite accurately said that it takes more faith to believe in evolution than it takes to believe in creation! Featuring renowned researchers, this two-hour program exposes the falsehood and the fraud surrounding one of the most widely accepted scientific claims in modern history.

Presented by: Janet Folger, President of Faith 2 Action

Read more by visiting Jim's World Page










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