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All of the Answers.com



All of the answers mission statement

All of the Answers.com is a subsidiary website of JRB Goode Solutions, LLC that facilitates www.alloftheanswers.com as an alternate media outlet to inform, provoke, and facilitate resources, tools and information for ministries that touch lives across the world, one life at a time. We aim to provide the basic information and understanding to allow those that desire, to receive their salvation and accept Jesus as their Savior. We aim to provide foundational Christian teaching and also teaching that will reach the doubtful, skeptic or unsure. We believe in providing multiple lines of solid evidence, whether it be scientific, scriptural, or testimonial. In this we hope to reach the lost and at the same time equip believers with timely information. We accomplish this by the pulling together and uniting of resources as much as possible from the entire Body of Christ.

Each page addresses a different but significant theme or area of information. For instance Jim's world contains Christian information with respect to scientific issues. Musicology, surprisingly reveals the deeper undertow of musical influence that is on our culture, etc. Each page is like a separate spoke that is connected to a central hub tied together into an interconnected framework. This allows people to come into all of the answers and explore a wide range of topics, sites, and videos with the aim of taking on difficult issues for examination.

Our purpose is to provide the needed information for this time that is so close to the return of Christ. We will reason, warn, and even shock you a little bit, to get the true message across. We expect that even signs and wonders will take place as those who hear the word, on the site, will build their faith. We expect God's love and mercy and encouragement to touch peoples lives as they nourish off of God's word as well.

We also envision all of the answers to become a household name. We intend to do this through bill board advertisement, TV, radio, cards, and word of mouth. We also seek to become a conduit for hosting scientific forums, panels, and community outreach opportunities in the attempt to give individual ministries in the greater San Antonio, Texas area and other areas in the future a means to give into their community. If ministries decide to co-operate in this task it is also welcome.

This is also an attempt to minister and participate in the unity of the body of Christ, regardless of denomination, to walk together and to prepare, and move into the fullness of Christ as God has intended for us to do so. While no one has all of the answers, we know the one who does. At no other time in human history has the harvest of souls been so accessible


Beware of the enemy's tactics, pray without ceasing!

State of this website! Updated April 21, 2014*

Currently on our seventh year of operations since this website began.  After having just streamlined the site to improve the ease of use we have seen a surge in new and regular visitors as more and more people continue to hear about us.  In 2009 we became a limited liability corporation, All of the Answers LLC.  to become primarily a Not for Profit information and media outlet for educational purposes only.  The only non educational promotional activity going on site is to promote books relative to site and provide links to offsite cyberlocations for purchase.  There is also promotion for a movie project for one of the books detailed below.  Again, site is primarily for educational purposes only.  The site for any monetized promotions of any kind will primarily spring from www.jrbgoodesolutions.com which is at present in construction.
James has written a book called "Frameworks: The Price of Delusion" that encapsulates research from our famous "Frameworks Series" among other things to create a very exciting novel as well as a movie project.  If you so desire to look into this further, you can go to www.authorjamesregan.com to learn more.
Recently due to unforseen circumstances the All of the Answers LLC was discontinued.  A replacement LLC has now been installed (JRB Goode Solutions) to cover and handle any Christian media endeavors, but also other endeavors as well. 
Note:  Due to a breakdown and lapse of website management there have creeped in broken links and discontinued videos.  Please forgive and enjoy what you can of website at present and we hope to rectify starting with the most important pages.  Please realize that this site and been designed and run by just two people, the founders, for many years, one of which fell desperately ill, who could no longer serve your needs.  He is on the road to recovery.  The websites size is such that it truly requires about 5-10 people to keep it properly managed and updated.  So it is really a miracle of God that it came to be.  For now enjoy what you can for there is much information that is invaluable.
 Yours, Sincerely,
 James Regan
 JRB Goode Solutions LLC 

Dec 27, 2014
Just wanted to say farewell to Phillip Guerra.  He was the other Cofounder along with myself.  He has moved on to take care of his health and resigned as webmaster.  Please forgive the broken links and missing youtubes as it will take a bit of work to fix problem.  Ultimately it is plan to revamp the site and make better.  I am in the process of looking for a new webmaster.  In the meantime it is just me.  I am working on several other projects and books but I will attempt to rectify what has been left behind by God's strength.
Your's sincerely,
James Regan
All of the answers.com
JRB Goode, LLC.
P.S. Let 2015 be the year of expansion and restoration for the body of Christ! 
                                                                                Below, Phillip Guerra's Picture