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My Words Are Spirit and Life

Most books on Intelligent design vs. evolution books focus on the wonderful scientific and engineering elements found in the natural world. This book not only will do that in a relatively fun to read way, but it focuses as well on an aspect in creation that Darwin and most books of this kind miss. This book also looks at the many common artistic patterns that are found in nature pointing back to the artist!



James Regan, Author of the book:

"My words are Spirit and Life"


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This book lays out on the table key components of the evolution vs. creationism argument for the reader to see in a reasonable and enjoyable way. This book explores the aspect of coupling the art forms found in nature along with the science which then opens up a whole new way of looking at things Here are some of the great topics discussed:


  • Life did not necessarily start in the sea but rather was "deposited" into the sea.

  • DNA does not intend to leave things up to chance.

  • Green plants and Red blood are interconnected.

  • Chemical reactions prefer the number 8.

  • What clues about our origins are embedded within the artistic patterns of nature.

  • Seven lines of proof showing that plants were fully developed and here before any animals had come along.

  • What does camouflage reveal about our history? 



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