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"My Words are Spirit and Life" by James L. Regan 

This book lays out on the table key components of the evolution vs. creationism argument for the reader to see in a reasonable and enjoyable way. This book explores the aspect of coupling the art forms found in nature along with the science which then opens up a whole new way of looking at things Here are some of the great topics discussed:

  • Life did not necessarily start in the sea but rather was "deposited" into the sea.
  • DNA does not intend to leave things up to chance.
  • Green plants and Red blood are interconnected.
  • Chemical reactions prefer the number 8.
  • What clues about our origins are embedded within the artistic patterns of nature.
  • Seven lines of proof showing that plants were fully developed and here before any animals had come along.
  • What does camouflage reveal about our history? 

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From the Macros - Galaxy Level

"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."

- Albert Einstein


Note:!! New article about the truth behind black holes is ready!! Applying the Dimensions of our Authority

Does Science Support or Contradict the Bible?

Does Science conflict with the Bible? 

Another great resource on Science verses in the Bible



A Nebulous Invitation

As scientists revolve and reconstruct,

as they huddle at the Hubble,

like being hit by a truck,

just muddled and befuddled,

for its in the evidence, not luck,

lies the stuff that truly humbles.


Just perhaps, just perhaps

Beyond the dipper, and the spoon

As we identify our origins

And open up the womb

Will we find a newborn babe

Or a nursery for the stars

Will you open up your heart,

and just come as you are?



The Cone Nebula above looks like a mammoth eagle’s nest in space with stars for its eggs.

Chambers of Love in Outer and Inner Space

By James Regan and Contributing Editor Phillip Guerra

Copyright © James Regan - January 1, 2007, All Rights Reserved


As a Godly researcher of biblical keys to scientific knowledge, I find the Bible is truly relevant to explain our origins and that of the universe we see today. As it is mentioned in Psalm 19:1, the heavens really do declare the glory of God. As one begins to investigate the nature of our world and its existence, God’s invisible attributes are clearly seen in all of the things that have been made. Romans 1:20 (Amplified) "20:For ever since the creation of the world His invisible nature and attributes, that is, His eternal power and divinity, have been made intelligible and clearly discernable in and through the things that have been made (His handiworks). So [men] are without excuse [altogether without any defense or justification],"All around creation are countless examples of His majestic nature. Whether we are at the macroscopic, galactic, microscopic, atomic, or subatomic level of existence, we find that His fingerprints are everywhere. His MO patterns are echoed all around for those who are able pick up on His signals. Whether in the belt of Orion , the seven sisters of Pleiades, or even in the heavenly clouds of the cone, we'll find His wisdom, and see His glory. There, in the splendor of the heavens, is a quaint and quiet invitation to that wisdom.


The evidence


If we go to Genesis 1:1-2 (KJV) , we see God declaring that He made the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters, and that there was darkness on the face of the deep. ( See also in Amplified Genesis 1:1-2)

Now for many years I have thought that the face of the deep was just the ocean, as we see the Spirit of God hovering over the waters, and we are speaking of the deep. There are many verses in scripture that speak of “the deep” as being the ocean. The ocean is very deep in places, and especially deep in certain ocean trenches. Yet, as I review the other verses in general about creation and verses further down in chapter one, I cannot help but think that God is actually referring to deep space.



Let’s see why I am leaning this direction. If we go to Proverbs 8:22-27, you will find a whole bunch of verses speaking about wisdom and how this wisdom was the first of God’s acts. You will see that wisdom was there, before the heavens were established, and then states, in the first person (Verse 27), “I was there when He (God) drew a circle on the face of the deep (NKJV). In another translation ( KJV), instead of drawing a circle on the face of the deep, it was that “He set a compass on the face of the deep” which may imply the creation of earth’s magnetic forces or could also refer to an architect's compass, as in how it is used to draw a circle. Regardless, in both cases this deep is not talking about the ocean’s deep deep, but rather, it is referring to the deep of space deep.



When you look at Isaiah 40:22, it says; “It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers, Who stretches out heaven like a curtain… Or in Job 26:7, “He stretches the north over empty space, and hangs the earth upon nothing.” Some of these ideas literally were stated thousands of years ago, and it wasn’t until more recently, in the time of Galileo, Da Vinci, and Sir Isaac Newton, in the 14th through 17th centuries, that these ideas began to come about. What I like here, however, is that we have established that the “deep” mentioned in Genesis 1, appears to be the “deep of space".


You can see that these verses are talking about the earth as a circle and that it has been drawn on the face of the deep and that the earth was hung upon nothing. The Hebrew word used to describe “drew” is the word "chaqaq" , which means to engrave. The word used here is an artistic sculpting kind of term. These ideas seem simple but they are also very complicated astronomical ideas. In Job 26:10 (NASB) "10He has inscribed a circle on the surface of the waters at the boundary of light and darkness." This clearly states that at the place where light originally pierced the darkness he brought about a circle or spherical shape as if carving it out from these waters. As we know, these waters and the Spirit of God were present before the earth had its form. We know 2 Peter 3:5 speaks of the earth being "formed out of water by means of water."



Now let’s focus on this idea, that “the deep” actually refers to the “the deep of space”, and work our way through Genesis to see what happens. We find that in Genesis 1:3, God speaks light into existence. Light has a whole lot to do with time as reflected in Einstein's E=mc2 equation, but the light mentioned here may not necessarily be the same light as that of the sun and the stars because it clearly states in Genesis 1:14-16 that the sun, moon and the stars were made on day 4. And yet “light” was created on day 1. When God said: “Let there be Light”, some kind of light emerged. Some have said this is the “light of wisdom”. Others have concluded that this refers to the “Big Bang” as the light source that occurred in the beginning. But remember, the stretching of the heavens had not yet occurred at that point. So, what is this light source? In the book 1 John 1:5 it states that God himself “is light” and that “in Him, there is no darkness at all”, the bible also refers to it as the “light of His glory” in Revelation 21:23. He said: “Let there be light", and there was light. At this point, light now exists but there aren’t any stars yet, only a great amount of energy present, either all over, or in the vicinity of where the yet to be formed earth is going to be. The stretching of the universe by God’s hand is to occur just slightly later in this first chapter of Genesis, as we will see.


Now, let’s go back to the original verse of Genesis 1:2 and look at it again. At that moment, the Holy Spirit, third person of the Trinity, is present and hovering over the surface of the waters. There is also darkness present over the surface of the deep. What deep? My first thoughts were of an earth covered entirely by water, ie.; All of the land is submerged like in the Kevin Costner movie: “Water-World”, but then I realized that it would more likely to refer to a mist, or a cloud of water molecules in space. Remember, the earth is formless and void at this point. If there was a "Water World" then the water would have formed the shape of a sphere (its container), but that isn't the case here. The earth was also void (or empty), therefore, it could not contain these waters. Therefore, the deep in this case, seems to refer to the deep of empty space.



The question here is that; if outer space at that moment was nothing but complete darkness, where did the water come from? Genesis 1: 1-2 said that the Holy Spirit was hovering over the face of the waters. Darkness, water, and the earth without form, were all present, before there was any light. You get the feeling that this is the starting point of creation as if you are starting out with a fresh artistic 4 dimensional canvas. Now it does not say that the Holy Spirit was hovering over the earth. It says, that the Holy Spirit was hovering over the face of the waters.



So now let’s watch what happens next. In verse Genesis 1:6 it states:


“Let the firmament be in the midst of the waters.”, and let it divide the waters from the waters.”



Wait a minute. We just got done dividing the waters from the waters and calling the expanse or firmament that was in between the waters, heaven. We are also aware that the waters under the heavens were gathered or "pulled" together into one place, Genesis 1:9 and Psalm 33:7. Tthese scriptures point to the possibility of that the earth itself was formed on day 3. God then caused the dry land to appear and He called that dry land the earth. In Psalm 136:6 "6 He spread the land on the waters...." This scripture seems to lend credence to tectonic plate theory. Many scientists believe that the continents have been moving or "spreading" geologically. (See Earth's history of continental development)



So, what happened to the other waters?! What I mean is what happened to the waters that were above the heavens? Now, let’s look at this dividing of the waters a little more closely as we go down the chapter.


In verse 8 is where God states the firmament as heaven. In verses Genesis 1:14-18, God speaks of “setting the Sun, the moon, as the two great lights, within the firmament, along with the making of the stars! One was to rule the day, and the other was to rule the night. The important point here is that He set them within the firmament of the heavens! Here, the stars, sun and moon are in the firmament that divides the waters from the waters. So now we have another separation thing going on here. The word firmament is also called Heaven in verse 8. If we look up the in the original Hebrew language, the word firmament means expanse, along with the fact that it is strong enough to hold the one waters away from the other waters. Although, some have said that this points to the waters above the atmosphere before the flood of Noah’s time as in the Water Canopy Theory, but many have concluded that that theory is not as plausible as once believed.



Now in the Bible there are three heavens. The first heaven is the sky. The second heaven is what is called the deep or outer space. The third heaven’s is where God is. So if the heavens that contain the stars, are in between the waters, then the waters should be at the outskirts of our universe or second heavens. What we do know is that this dividing of the waters established the atmosphere or our sky in its place. This was brought about by a movement of the waters below being divided from the waters above causing the later resultant gases and interconnected water cycle, evaporation, cloud formation, and the falling of rain and snow, to all be initiated. As we can see, our water cycle is very unique as among all other known planets.



Now earlier there were two verses that I had listed above that spoke of God stretching out the heavens. When you think of stretching out as a dynamic force as opposed to a big bang explosive, it is very different with respect to the energy dynamics. He states He stretched out the heavens with his hands. If you put your hands together and fold them like you were almost praying, you could then mimic a big bang explosion with your hands. You would see a certain shape as your hands spread out from the explosion. But the act of stretching the heavens out is a much softer action in comparison. If you put your hands together and then stretched the thin air out, it would look different than the explosion pantomime. If God said He stretched out the heavens why not just take him at His word and look for evidence of stretching. ( See evidence in support of a stretching universe )


But now, this is what I find really interesting. That is, in space, it’s real cold, so the waters would have had to have been heated up by something or else it would have been ice in space. Also, if the waters had been divided from the waters there should be some kind of physical proof of that in the heavens. What do I mean by that? Well if you are stretching something out such as water would there not be traces of it throughout space left behind as the waters moved apart from the other waters?

Water also has a very interesting characteristic about it in that as it moves it can carry things along with it. It is called the capillary effect. You can see the effect Capillary action or Wick effect if you place a paper towel in water. The water will move up the towel. If there is some substance with a color in it added to the water, the color will move with the water as well. We use this capillary effect in some of our scientific experiments as different weighted substances that are dissolved within the water will separate out from each other based on their relative weights or chemical composition. One can also observe the dual nature of light and water.

Just as light has a dual particle or wave like nature (This is illustrated in photo above of Cat's Eye Nebula where you can see the wave pattern in the light of this dying star.), so water has a dual particle wave like nature, and since like dissolves like, the light originally created could have been carried along with the waters above being spread out from the waters below and star formation could have been deposited later through this expansion of the universe. How can this be, you say?

Astronomers are just discovering now, that there are many huge clouds of water and clouds of ice spread throughout space. Satellites have been monitoring them via infrared telescopic technology. They perform an infrared spectrograph using the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum . ( See infra-red spectra - the fingerprint region to see how this spectrograph reads the infrared waves of each molecule through the total spectrum.) These scans can be like fingerprints, which can then identify what molecules are present. There are many infrared articles on the web about these cold clouds of cosmic water in space. Scientists now believe that these cold clouds of water (H20) that are present, actually participate in the formation of stars. (Orion's Water Factory that explains the role of water in the formation of stars and planets. See also video clip Video on emerging Stars in the "Sword of Orion".)

Now are there any biblical verses that support this idea of stars and planets were being formed out of water? Yes, there is. Let’s take a look at them. In Job 38 the whole chapter is great in describing God speaking to Job about the origins of the universe. Questions like, “Where were you when I laid out the foundations of the earth?”; and “Who determined its measurements?”, but the verses that I would like you to look at are, specifically, in chapter 38.



Job 38:8-11 "8Or who shut up the sea with doors when it broke forth and issued out of the womb?-- 9When I made the clouds the garment of it, and thick darkness a swaddling band for it, 10And marked for it My appointed boundary and set bars and doors,11And said, Thus far shall you come and no farther; and here shall your proud waves be stayed?"



Job 9:9 … “Which maketh, Arctus, Orion, and Pleiades, and the chambers of the south.” A womb is a chamber. Keeping that in mind, look at Job 38:6-7 "6Upon what were the foundations of it fastened, or who laid its cornerstone, 7When the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy?" It reads like a celebration of the "birthing" of the earth.



Then Job 38:29-33“From whose womb comes the ice? And the frost of heaven, who gives it birth?

The waters harden like stone and the surface of the deep is frozen. Can you bind the cluster in Pleiades, or loose the belt in Orion?Can thou bring forth the Mazzaroth in its season, or guide the Great Bear with its cubs? Do you know the ordinances (laws) of the heavens, can you set their dominion over the earth?”



Again, you might think that this last verse just talked about is the deep of the oceans, but these verses are right next to obvious verses that are speaking about the deep of space. The fact is that astronomers have found water clouds, in the dark interstellar medium, and speak of these clouds as being directly involved with the formation of new stars and planets. This reveals something very important. (See Video-How stars are born)We know that the waters were divided from the waters, and the heavens were set in between them along with the formation of the sun, the moon, and the stars, stated in Genesis 1:14-18. We know that comets are made of ice, which is frozen water. We know that these water clouds in Orion and other nebulas contain enough water to replace the equivalent all the earth's oceans, up to 60 times a day. We are also aware of what is now being called by scientists as the "great wall" of galaxies deposited some 200 to 300 million light years from earth. This wall has a wave-like structure, is large and thick, and contains an astronomical amount of galaxies and stars. (The sloan wall now holds the record of the largest wall of galaxies, as pointed out by an observant viewer.)



If water is essential to the formation of stars then this wall of galaxies is indirectly pointing to a higher concentration of water being present. When I mentioned before about the capillary effect, I spoke of how a substance could also be moved along within the water, which would be now the high-energy wave-particle light substance, thereby being concentrated at the front of this universal Tsunami wave, or series of waves, in its outward movement. At the edge of the universe, or on the other side of the edge, is where the other divided waters would be present in full.


There is also a sense here in Genesis chapter 1 that the earth was the “center of God’s attention”, so in that respect, the earth is the artistic center of the universe. Like an artist, who after turning on the light to illuminate his 4 dimensional canvas, he will start at a particular point of his choosing and then begin. He already has the whole idea of what he was about to create in his mind. Upon this beginning point, he starts building up the rest of his idea, and keeps building it up, until the 4 dimensional master’s piece is complete.


We see God stretching out the heavens. Did he do it with the big bang using “Let there be light”? Or did he just stretch out the heavens through the dividing of the waters from the waters? Is it possible that He started with the Big bang over there in one point of the universe and pulled the stars and planets over here to the earth, the earth, being the focus of His artistic creative attention? I tend to believe that it was in the Breath of God, the power of His voice, and the action of the Holy Spirit, that was instrumental in the division and expansion of these waters in the heavens and on the earth. Psalm 18:15 Psalm 33:6 , Job 37:10, Ezekiel 43:2, and Exodus 14:21.



There are many weaknesses being found in the Big bang theory. Weaknesses that are primarily centered in talking about the red Doppler shift in stars. Like with the Doppler sound effects that we hear from a train or a honking vehicle as it passes by, so light is said to shift to a red color indicating that the galaxies are in movement away from us. But now some are saying that this Doppler red shift of the stars is due to the interstellar dark clouds. Could these be the same water clouds? Some are saying that there is evidence of galaxies rotating around each other and not moving away from each other as the theory of the Big Bang suggest. (See Big Bang Cosmology Meets an Astronomical Death)



Regardless of that, we know about these cold water clouds and how they are directly involved with the birth of the stars. The patterns in the macroscopic world of the heavens flow all the way down to our earthly experience. This information directly connects with figurative uses of birth and water in the bible. Let me show you how. First we know that the birth of a baby or our physical birth occurs by being born out of water. We know that the “birth of the nation Israel” was out of water or by means of water; that is through the Red sea. This is a biblical and historical event recorded that demonstrates God’s ability to divide the waters from waters, quickly. As we had previously stated,
2 Peter 3:5 it speaks of the earth being formed out of water by means of water. (see 
When a star is born )


The living word, the living water, and the Holy Spirit were all present in the beginning in the darkness, and the Holy Sprit moved over the face of the physical waters. It says that in
Hebrews 4:12 , that the word of God is living and active. It says in Hebrews 1:3 that the living universe is upheld by His word of power. The spiritual realm is in direct connection to the physical realm for out of the spiritual realm came the physical realm. The things that we see were formed out of things that do not appear. Hebrews 11:3 This also sounds like they are formed out of water by means of a spiritual water. Physical water precipitated out of the spiritual realm into the physical realm. Light came to be because the word (water) was spoken. Figuratively light was born out of the spoken word.


If physical water was the first element in that existed in this universe, how did it get there? This is the one thing that even secular science has to contend with.


See, current day astrophysicists believe that the stars release large gaseous water clouds which then condense and make more stars and galaxies. They contend that stars came first because of the Big Bang, but I believe that water came first. God created physical water as a shadow of His Living Water. For even in the physical universe water is a source for sustaining life. Even astronomers and physicists who believe in the Big Bang have to answer that question, if there was an effect, what was the cause? (see "Beyond Materialism" a secular view)


The water was first, and then the light came next. We hear the word which is water, it goes into our hearts, and then the unfolding of the words gives light Psalm 119:130 . Light is sweet in Ecclesiastes 11:7, and wisdom is sweet to the taste like honey in Proverbs 24:13-14. You also get honey from the rock in Psalm 81:16 . You have the sweet influences of pleasant words like honey from wisdom, from the one who has set up her seven pillars in Proverbs 9:1, and you have the sweet influences of Pleiades which is made up of seven stars in Job 38:31,(KJV). Light, wisdom, water, and the Holy Spirit are all tied together biblically.



Upon tasting and drinking the kindness of the Lord, we eventually decide to get born again and become Son’s of light. We are like Jesus being the light of this world, as He was the firstborn among many brethren of light. Once we become Son’s of light, our example, and the words we speak, (water), are moved upon by the Holy Spirit and rivers of living water comes out of our hearts, so that those that hear may drink. First the water, and then comes the birth of a new light or a new star. Did not God say to Abraham that His descendants would be as the stars of heaven? I do not believe God was just speaking of quantity to Abraham but the quality of light as well. As we follow Jesus and follow him up the quantum steps of the real stairway to heaven, we change from faith to faith, as stars differ from glory to glory Romans 1:17 , Romans 15:14, John 14:6, Genesis 28:12.



So in conclusion we see that in physical space water directly participates in the formation of stars. Stars are born out of water. It appears that the wombs of heaven are these huge but individual nebulous clouds. These clouds condense and gravitate in areas upon which in this collapsing eventually by molecular friction heat up to the point upon where a nuclear explosion occurs. Thus we have light, and a new born star.  In the Bible, a Christian to be, first hears the word which is the water, and when it condenses and builds faith in their heart, it eventually reaches a combustion point where they take a step of faith and the Holy Sprit will move over that person and create a new spirit inside of them and ignite that person and set them on fire to be another witness and a star for God. He will set them within a galaxy and each star will gravitate toward the other with the sweet influence of Christian fellowship. The joy increases as new stars of love are added to the kingdom of God who have escaped the black hole of the devil’s influence, in this world of selfishness.



It makes so much more sense now, about when Peter was talking about a person doing well, by paying attention to the word of God until; “the morning star rises in your hearts.”2 Peter 1:19 It is our heart by which the seed or the word of God is implanted. It is in our heart that the incubation of the word inside the spiritual womb takes place. When our hearts are fully pregnant, and we are ready, the Holy Spirit will come onto us to help us birth the light of God in our hearts, like setting in motion the planets and stars in our own personal universe. As we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit will be there to perform the miracle of all miracles; that is of our salvation, and of our being born again. 2 Corinthians 5:17

And like the celebration of a physical birth, God celebrates when we receive our Spiritual birth. Luke 15:7 "I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent."


God is light, God is life, and He is the source of living water, water that you and I can drink through our hearts. Are you ready to come to the living waters and buy without price? The price has already been paid. All that one has to really do is to receive the gift of God. And what is the gift of God? He is the gentle Savior that gently knocks at the door of your heart. Can you hear Him knocking? Will you let Jesus enter in? Will you let Jesus enter in? Will you LET Jesus enter in?



Will you let the Love from Above enter your Womb via the Dove?


That is the womb or the inner chambers of your heart. Will you allow yourself to enter into the womb of His heart? Would you enter into the King’s Chamber and spend some time with Him?


It’s all about a personal relationship with Him, it is not about religion at all.


When you do this, you will see and experience

the Chambers of Love from above, from Outer and Inner Space.

The Spirit and the Bride say Come.


John 3:1-7 is where Jesus speaks on the subject of being born again, which is a spiritual birth that can take place within one who chooses to personally believe in Jesus in their heart and His salvation. In Romans 10:17 we learn that our “faith comes from what is heard”. This is the preaching and teaching of the living Word, or should I say the living Water. Jesus spoke to the woman at the well and referred to living water in John 4:7-14. In Isaiah 55:8-11 it shows God comparing the physical rain and snow from the first heaven figuratively or symbolically, to the Word of God. We know that they drank water from a rock when Moses struck it in the desert. Exodus 17:6 Paul described the event as that they were drinking from the supernatural rock 1 Corinthians 10:1-4. Jesus is the rock, He is the living word, and He is the living water. From the throne of God and the lamb in Heaven is a river of life that flowed out and that was compared to the Holy Spirit of God. Revelation 22:1


Dr. Jobe Martin - Professor - Former Evolutionist . . .

Editor's Note: There are some who would call this web page "psuedo" science without really examining the evidence presented here. Typically there are many web sites that do present unsubstanciated claims,this is not one of them. We have very carefully examined the evidence to make sure you have multiple sources both secular and christian. Here is our answer to the latest challenge: We were told, "You are Just citing experts that agree with you." The answer is that we are finding secular non-religious sources that confirm God's word. That is not dishonest. What is dishonest is to lump this site with those who trully don't back up their claims. 

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Hear the melodic sounds of "God's Cricket Chorus"

We are all familiar with the chirping of crickets on a cool summer night as they sing.  The sound may sound common to a human being, but it may be a completely different experience for a cricket.   The angelic chorus you will hear accompanying the sound of actual crickets is NOT a synthesizer or a singing Chorus. It's the crickets themselves (slowed down to the speed that mimics the human life-span) creating the effect.  Songwriter and Producer Jim Wilson put together this work which is truly a testament to the diversity and beauty of God's Creation.

Download this Nature Sounds Song 'God's Cricket Chorus

*Above photo by Robert Klein

Polonium Halos prove an instant creation of earth by God.The molecules of pulonium would disappear as quickly as the Alka-Seltzer bubbles in water. To be preserved. Likewise, polonium halos could have formed only if the rapidly "effervescing" specks of polonium had been instantly encased in solid rock as shown in videos below....Robert Gentry was the first to discover this but hen he was persecuted . . .

to the micros - and the earthly plane...

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(Is this evidence for genetic memory?)

In a recent article written by Sharon Begley:  
"Since 1999 scientists in several labs have shown that an experience a mouse mother has while she is pregnant can leave a physical mark on the DNA in her eggs."

"The existence of this parallel means of inheritance, in which something a parent experiences alters the DNA he or she passes on to children, suggests that evolution might happen much faster than the Darwinian model implies. "Darwinian evolution is quite slow," says Whitelaw. But if children can inherit DNA that bears the physical marks of their parents' experiences, they are likely to be much better adapted to the world they're born into, all in a single generation. Water fleas pop out helmets immediately if mom lived in a world of predators; by Darwin's lights, a population of helmeted fleas would take many generations to emerge through random variation and natural selection. The new Lamarckism promises to "reveal how the environment affects the genome to determine the ultimate traits of an individual," says Whitelaw."

From the magazine issue dated Jan 16, 2009

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Einsteins Dream

?= E= mc2

Equations. Exact, meticulous, and manipulative are equations. Equations are manipulative in the sense that they can be manipulated and adjusted and moved around in one's attempt to solve them. Equations can be as simple as the conversion of inches to the centimeter, or they can get as complicated as the quadratic equation in algebra, or the standard deviation in statistics. Most equations will have an equal sign between them. The arithmetic equal sign designates the type of relationship that is going on between the variables. In the above case all things appear to be equal, between them. Yet, if we probe a little further into the above title's energy and matter equation of Einstein, what surprising things might we find?

To do this, we are going have to cover a few basics in math first. As far as the E=mc2 equation, the energy of the object is equal to the mass of the object times the square of the speed of light. C2 is the constant for the speed of light, so it does not change in the equation, but the mass and energy variables can. A variable is just a letter that can represent different numbers. One minute, the variable A can equal 10 (A=10). The next time you use the variable, it could be 15. Next, A could be 20, etc. A variable just means that you have a letter representing numbers that can change. So the variable in an equation is a flexible way of representing a group of numbers while observing them as they change, or even the mathematical forecasting of these changes. The reason for the use of these equations and variables is that the scientists can solve complex things like the space trajectory of a capsule sent to the moon and the speed the space capsule needs to be at so as to get to the moon safely and not pass it. Ultimately, variables and equations allow for the mathematical observation of change.

Most of us have learned all of this in middle school and high school, so this stuff should not be foreign to us. Basic equations like the physics equation; F=ma, which is (Force = mass times acceleration), and V=d/T, which means (Velocity = distance / time) are simple examples of equations where the variables can get moved around the equals sign.

For instance with V=d/T, or (velocity = distance divided by time), you can find out the distance a car traveled, if you know its velocity and also know the time that it took for the car to go the distance. You can do this by following some of the simple rules that are found in algebra. Rules like the one where you can multiply both sides of the equation by the same thing and the equation does not change ultimately. Do unto one side of the equation as you would to the other is the mathematical advice. If we multiply, for instance, V=d/T by T on both sides of the equation, the only change that will occur is that now the equation will be VT=d, as the multiplying of T to the equation puts a T with the V now on the left side of the equation, and the T that was in the denominator on the right side of the equation disappears as it moves to the left side of the equation.

A practical example of this would be to say that if we knew the velocity or speed of the car which was going 60 miles per hour, and we knew that the car had traveled for 30 minutes or 0.5 hours, we could then solve for the specific distance that the car went. How do we do this? By filling in the variables of the VT=d equation. If I was to show you visually, it would go like this. 60 x 0.5 = d or the distance that the car traveled. The answer would be 30 miles, as 60 x 0.5 =30.

This simple example demonstrates a common pattern that is found amongst most equations. That pattern is this. You can substitute into the variables either numbers or even other variables. You then can algebraically manipulate the variables around and solve for the variable you are looking for as long as you know what the others are. The equal sign demonstrates a mathematical relationship. If both sides of the equation are increasing you have a proportional relationship. If one variable goes up, while the other goes down you then have an inversely proportional mathematical relationship. The key point to remember though is the fact that there is a definite relationship that is happening between the variables on both sides of the equation which is the mathematical way of talking about an occurrence or a phenomenon in life. We express the speed that a car goes, by the mathematical relationship V=d/T.

Many scientific phenomenon and occurrences that we see in our daily lives are described for us more exactly using these mathematical equations and relationships. These relationships are not just kind of tied together, they are usually instead, exactly tied together. Yes, some mathematical relationships can be estimations or educated guesses, but most of them can be extremely exact. Exact, with the decimal number carried out to the 150th place. Sometimes this level of exactness is needed. In space trajectories for example, just a slight, slight, or minute error, could prove to be fatal.

The key here to remember is the aspect of relationship. If you look up the word relationship you will find it to mean things along these following lines. Connection, alliance, dependence, association, involvement, blood ties, emotional ties are just a few of them. Web crawlers or internet programs will search out and organize that which is out on the web using words called meta-tags. These word-tags are put in by the web- page’s developer in order to allow these web crawler programs to find, associate, and categorize, the web pages by these word associations. This is a language relationship allowing for exact and definite association.

So the mathematical relationship E=mc2 that is in the title above is also a type of relationship. It is the mathematical relationship that describes how energy and mass is associated together in this universe, which is also associated with the speed of light. In the previous article called the Chambers of Love in Outer and Inner Space, the idea of energy and light has already been touched upon along with respect to Einstein’s equation. This article here is an attempt to expand on the earlier article but mainly with respect to the expansion of light in the universe, how the stars came to be, and most interestingly a discussion on the relationship of E=mc2, mainly, the relationship that touches into the spiritual dimension or spiritual realm. As we stated before in the previous article the causation of light with respect to the bible is God himself.

Interestingly enough, Albert Einstein was in search of what he called the universal equation. It was to be an equation that explained the derivation of all phenomena of the known universe. It was an equation that would take into the account a divine influence. His view however was not quite a Christian or Jewish perspective. His position was that there was a divine force like “the force” in Star Wars that ultimately governed the orchestration of the universe, as he noticed and spoke about all of the intricacies that he would observe. I would think that his opinion is only “relatively” accurate as the world is obviously full of intricate machines and biochemical and physical relationships and phenomena that cannot be explained by science and mathematics alone. He knew there was a divine element but he could not put his finger on it or describe it, even though it was a personal passion of his. The great theorist of relativity was only relatively right.

He could not put his finger on the dimension that was hidden from him. It is not to his discredit at all for he was just unable to perceive it. It is a dimension that we are all aware of from time to time, but only in a glimpse or a shadow. It is the spirit realm or spiritual dimension. Like when we pick up the phone and the person we want to talk to is on the line, or when someone realizes that they should not go on that plane, and later find out that it has crashed, or when someone has a near death experience and feels as if they are floating above their body, while they watch the doctors attempt to save their lives. These and many other mysteries are directly “connected, associated and tied into” this spiritual realm. There is a relationship.

As I said before the physical realm came out of the spiritual realm as the spiritual realm was here before the physical realm. When we think of E=mc2 we think of energy and its relationship with mass. We spoke of light in the last article and how it has a dual wave and particle like nature. We spoke of how the waters and Holy Spirit were present in darkness over the face of the “deep” of space. We showed how light came into existence by God saying “Let there be light and there was light”. We showed also how the waters were divided from the waters and which itself participated in the forming of the second heavens, which is outer space, by God’s hand stretching out the waters and calling the “in between” of these waters, the firmament or heaven, where later in Genesis 1:14-18 it is said that He placed the stars, the sun, and the moon within this firmament.

In Jeremiah 31:35-36 is a statement that says that there is a “fixed order” to the sun, the moon, and the stars.” Modern astronomy and science will also bear witness greatly to this as well. This fixed order was demonstrated mathematically through the science of the middle ages in the times of Kepler and Newton. These two men effected a great change in the way that we look at our solar system. I find it interesting that God through Jeremiah spoke of this fixed order around 600 B.C. (Hebrews 1:1) long before science could catch up with Him. Regardless of this, there are phenomena and laws that govern our universe, which have long been described and we are still finding out more, even today.

Now, getting back to light and the relationship of E=mc2, we find that in order to fully describe light and its relationship to our universe we must take into account the spiritual realm as well. Yet, we have to do it with some kind of reliability so as to remove the aspect of sensationalism. From the equation E=mc2 itself, we see that matter and energy are related, they can interconvert, meaning, that energy can be derived from mass, such as in a chemical reaction, or as in an atomic reaction. We also see that mass can be derived from energy, that all matter is just lower expressions of energy, as scientists are now projecting in the “string theory”. An interesting thought with respect to mass coming from energy is the fact that the earth has a hot lava center. That heat had to get there somehow.

But remember God said in Genesis 1:3 “Let there be light and there was light”, In the New Testament it also gives credit to God commanding light to shine out of the darkness 2 Corinthians 4:6. This light seems to be different then the lights that are spoken about in Genesis 1:14-18. This first light that was made in Genesis 1 was not associated directly with stars or galaxies, it was just light. By the way, where is this light now? If they are two separate kinds of light we should see some kind of great light somewhere. I believe the reason why we do not see that light no more is because it has been distributed throughout the universe. This is where the scientists think that it was due to the big bang. They think that the light itself had to do with the expansion of the universe. Genesis says the expansion of the universe was due to the waters being divided from the waters.

The light was present but there were no stars as of yet, and I believe this great light energy was divided by the waters which was divided by God himself through the action of the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of God was present and awaiting God’s command in the beginning. This light was either carried by the dividing waters, or by the Holy Spirit, as the heavens were expanded by His hands (Isaiah 45:12). So based on scripture it is stated that light came into existence only when God spoke it so. God said “Let there be", and then it was.

If we study the scriptures focusing on the word light we find some interesting features that reflect what is going on in the spiritual realm. We find scriptures talking about the Father as being light ( 1 John 1:5, James 1:17, Psalms 104:2, also when Moses saw God’s glory, Moses’ face was lit up with light, Ex 33:18-23, Exodus 34:30, Isaiah 60:1, Isaiah 60:19) We find also Jesus being associated with light. (John 1:9, John 8:12, Act 9:3-5 Matthew 17:1-5 :transfiguration). With the Holy Spirit you do not have much in the way of light being directly associated with him, but he was involved in the creation of “Let there be light”, He was involved in the pillar of fire by night as He led Israel. He was also involved in placing tongues of fire on the Apostles. *(Dr. Wood). The Holy Spirit takes part in all of the works of God, and therefore is associated with light.

When you think about light you think about power as well. You think of great power. Some stars are blue-white hot with power at a 30,000K temperature. When you think of God the Father you have verses on power (2 Kings 17:36, 1 Chronicles 29:11, Psalm 21:13, Psalms 14:5, Matthew 26:64)when you think of Jesus you think of power (Mark 5:30, Hebrews 1:1-3), and when you think of the Holy Spirit you also think of power (Luke 4:14, Acts 10:38). When one encounters the Holy Spirit personally they will either feel a heat, or a warmth, a warm breeze, a coolness, an electric feeling, and/or power. These are just some of the comments that people speak of when they are touched by the Holy Spirit.

There are times in the bible when it would state a comment like “being filled in the Spirit”. As if it is a liquid or gas type of filling thing going on. It is a very difficult thing to describe the human experience, but it is like being touched by liquid fire or a liquid plasma type of energy. Sometimes it can even feel like you are swimming in a pool of wine. The Holy Spirit is not an it, or just a force, He is a person. Yes, I am speaking of these things in human terms, but please forgive me, for I know that they fall way short of describing fully what the person of the Holy Spirit is like (Acts 2:17, Titus 3:4-6, Romans 5:5). In this last verse Romans 5:5 you have love being poured out as well. In 1 John 2:8-10 You see the love of God being associated with light. You see it as well in Isaiah 58:6-8. God is light, and God is love.

So we see light, power, warmth, electricity, and love all being associated with each of the persons of the Godhead or trinity. They are one. (John 17:21-23, 1 Corinthians 6:17, Ephesians 4:4-6) Yet there is also an obscure hierarchy of unity present in the Godhead (John 5:36, John 10:27-29, John 14:28). They are one and equal, and yet there is a hierarchy present where the Father gives the command, Jesus the word speaks, and then the Holy Spirit carries it out. There is an oneness there but there is also an order present. Christ is considered the “Head” of the body which is the church. The head gives the commands to the rest of the body. The unity and order are like a military unity and order (Matthew 8:5-10). God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit function as a unit as one, and in essence are one, but there is a sense of descending authority from the Father, to the Son, to and through the Holy Sprit and finally to the church. This is why we need to respect our Pastor’s, for they are our Shepherds that God puts over us. These authorities including civil authorities are put in place over us by God (1 Peter 5:1-4, Romans 13:1).

So we have God the Father > then God the Son > Holy Spirit in respect to the issue of authority in the kingdom. We also see the God head being as one. So in this manner it would be like God the Father = Son =Holy Spirit. Yet, both things are going on at the same time. The gifts, the love, the wisdom, all come out of this light. So with all due respect to Einstein I have an addition to the equation E=mc2 that takes into account the spiritual side of reality. So lets take the original equation and see what it is.

? = E =mc2

Spiritual realm Physical Realm


F >= S >= H >= E =mc2


Hebrews 1:1-3

Please, please remember, that this is not reducing God down to an equation, for you really cannot truly contain Him in any type of box or law or equation. What this new equation is doing is only showing, with respect to light, the spiritual side of the thing. So please don’t miss the point of this.

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face.

For in thy light do we see light.

(This is the verse that Einstein needed to find, God already said it, Psalms 36:9).

By looking at light, through the light of God, through the light of His word, this is how we see light the way we are supposed to see it, as God intended.

Yet, truly, light is not just light, for I believe light itself comes out of Love. Yes, the light came out of the Word in the beginning, (John 1:1-4, John 1:14), but Jesus who is the Word is a demonstration of God’s love (John 3:16, Romans 5:5-8). God is light, and God is love. (1 John 1:5,1 John 4:7-8). Jesus referred to himself as the light of this world, but it is also stated in (John 1:6-9) that Jesus was the true light that enlightens every man. It is within our hearts that we get enlightened (Ephesians 1:15-19). I spoke of this in the previous Chambers of Love article, in that our hearts are chambers of Love.

Light and Love go very much together. Yet, the plan of salvation that God has is to reconcile people back to Him through the acceptance of His Son into their hearts, and to born them again, and to transfer them from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. (Colossians 1:13). Jesus told his disciples that they were now the lights of the world and to shine their light before men (Matthew 5:14-17). Christians are also known as Abraham’s spiritual descendants through faith, and his descendants God said would be like the stars that shine their light in heaven. The baton is being passed to the body of Christ. We are to grow and learn to allow God’s light and his love to shine through us. That is why John the apostle wrote in one of his letters; (1 John 3:18).

In music we all know that even though it sounds so good sometimes, and that there is a type of peacefulness that can come with it, we also know that the notes and sounds are very mathematically interconnected. In every mathematical equation each part of the equation is intimately tied in with the rest of the equation. Each part of the body of the equation is intricately connected to the other members of the equation. This is why when we follow the two commandments of Love given to us by Jesus, we fulfill the law. We satisfy the eternal equation that Einstein was looking for, and we satisfy the personal equations of interaction that we have with people that are around us.

And yet, for us there is one more equation that we will be growing in until he returns for us. It is an inversely proportional type of an equation, that is, an equation where one side of the equal sign decreases as the other side increases. It is a sliding scale kind of equation or an equation of quantum steps, as I said in the last article. These steps are voluntary steps, and they are taken at the pace of each individual. Some may go up these steps faster than others. It is a matter of how much one is willing to decrease as Jesus is allowed to increase in their personal lives. For we as brothers and sisters are voluntarily going or stepping, from faith to faith, and from glory to glory. His plan from the beginning is that we will allow his Love to shine through us and to the world (John 3:30, 2 Corinthians 3:18).

It is the eternal equation of God’s genius, and it is an equation of personal surrender. It is an equation that appears like we are going to lose, but Jesus said He who loses his life for His sake, will find it. (Matthew 10:19) The secret of the kingdom of God is that it is not he who is first that is first in this kingdom, but it is the person who is willing to be last, who is made first. As we choose to move from the fleshly ways of take, take, take, and me, myself, and I, we move, change, and become, more like the nature of a star, which only gives its light and life away (2 Corinthians 5:17).

The good news is that it is God who is going to do it through the Holy Spirit. The only thing that He needs from us is our cooperation or willingness to follow and participate. As we co-operate, we allow Him to operate through us for His Glory. Lastly, let’s look at how Paul the Apostle states the full expression of his personal surrender.

"I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. (Galatians 2:19-20)

And look at the great thing that the Apostle John said about this renewing that is going on in our souls as we surrender(1 John 3:1-2).

If we are willing to follow this equation, if we are willing to follow this plan, check out the things that are on the other side of this equal sign.

Jeremiah 29:11, Psalms 68:19, Psalms 103:1-5, John 10:10

And yet, while I believe that we truly come out ahead in this equation, the advanced spiritual mathematics will eventually come to us as we learn that quiet, but precious lesson, that Jesus taught:

“That it is more blessed to give, than to receive”. Acts 20:35



Time was compressed

as the heavens were stretched


One of the most difficult things to answer with respect to creation is the idea of a universe that appears to have been here for billions of years. It is a concept that lends support to Darwin’s theory of evolution. It lends support because scientists called physicist or astronomers, through different mathematical and observational means, have established that the galaxies at the uttermost distances of our universe are very, far, far, away. Consequently, the light normally traveling from those uttermost stars, by the speed of light, would have had to have taken many millions of years to even reach us. This very fact alone implies that the universe is very, very, old. How else could it be?

With this idea in place it would then put a damper on the idea of a quick creation wouldn’t it? Or would it? I have heard some people say, why cannot it be both? Why cannot evolution and God both be true? Why couldn’t God use the long time of evolution before we arrived to develop us and then everything would be ok. Why could He not develop us up through the monkey and then the Neanderthal man? With the galaxies and the edge of the universe being so far away a quick creation appears to be in direct contradiction to scientific observation.

Yet, “the deeper truths in life are usually found at the very crossroads of contradiction.” It is the very point of paradox that will eventually cause a paradigm shift in people. It’s because one has to press beyond the obvious and move toward a deeper understanding in order to see how the apparent conflicting truths are really interconnected. To probe and uncover what the underlying principles are will usually reveal that connectivity. This kind of a conflict and paradigm shift occurred with Einstein and Newton as some of the ideas of relativity collided with some of the ideas of classical Newtonian physics. You can revisit this clash of ideas by watching the two videos in the previous article;


The Bible states that the earth was created in 6 days and that God had rested on the seventh day. The longest time that it appears it could have taken place biblically was 7 000 years. The reason for this possibility of 7000 years along with the possibility of seven twenty four hour days is that it is stated in scripture that; “...one day with the Lord is like 1000 years and 1000 years is like one day” 2nd Peter 3:8”.

I have heard some stretch this to 10,000 years, but that is still a relatively young earth as compared to an earth that came to be in a time frame of millions or billions of years. So what is the explanation? Is it a quick creation as it appears the Bible states it to be, or is it a long creation that took billions of years as the observations in astronomy suggest. I am sure that there are even some here, who are wondering or questioning, if there is a God or a creation at all. But now let me ask you a question. What if…?

What if, the heavens and the earth, as they came into being, as they came into their places in a predetermined fixed order, as is stated in Jeremiah 31:35-36. What if also, when time came into existence that it was not constant, as we know it and measure it now? What if light was also not traveling at the same velocity back then as it is now, but rather was carried at a faster pace than the speed of light itself, what then? I know these are probing questions, and go along a little bit deeper then we normally think, but if we explore these ideas together I think you will be quite surprised at what we actually find.

Before we actually tackle this idea together, what I would like to do with you is to have you watch a short video in order to prime your mind so to speak with some easy visual concepts. This will help explain or make it much easier to explain what I am going to say afterward, ok? Thanks and enjoy.

See Video Einsein's Big Idea

Here are some websites that you can also look at on the subject of the development of warp speed which is faster than light travel, along with the concept of the the very fabric of space which is ultimately considered as a space-time continuum where space and time are interconnected. If one bends, the other is effected as well.

1. Travel through the malleable fabric of space and time via a hyper-drive engine.

2. Emerging space propulsion possibilities-NASA

3. Video visualization of warp speed via a tribute to the Star Trek series.

4 Evidence of the space time continuum found experimentally.

5. Video capture of pulsar pulsating in space as the pulsar discussed above in link 4.

As you saw in the video on Einstein, time itself for the rocket ship pilot slowed down. Those outside the ship may have aged 100 years, but he inside the ship may have aged only months. To the rocket ship pilot, time appeared to be the same as everything was ticking apparently at its usual pace. Yet, that pace was relatively and incredibly slowed down compared to the normal pace of time, as the ship was covering great distances very quickly.

If the ship was traveling at a constant velocity we can look again at our favorite equation v=d / t, where v= velocity, d= distance, and t= time. Notice the d and the t variables are separated by a division sign. If velocity stays the same which is v throughout the time, then as the distance traveled variable d goes up, the time variable t has to go down to maintain the same equal-ness in the equation as long as the velocity variable v remains the same.

Now the example that we have been talking about has been a ship traveling at a velocity or a pace that is a little faster than the speed of light, but what would happen if the very fabric of the space time continuum was itself stretched and moving faster than the speed of light? What I mean by this is that the container itself was stretching at a faster rate than light could move. This would, again., have to mean that time slowed down. Or in other words, as the underlying and outlying fabric of space was being stretched longer, and the star matter within the second heavens was also being stretched and moved along with the stretching fabric of space, time would have to compensate by slowing down. This means that as the heavens were being stretched by the hands of God, or through the actions of the Holy Spirit, time itself would also have been effected as time is directly connected with the space-time continuum as established by Einstein, and would have compensated in the opposite direction as the equation v= d / t suggest and therefore slowed down.

What does this mean? It means that as God stretched out the heavens, His relative stretching speed was faster than light itself and therefore happened in much less time than the stretching would have taken if the stretching had happened at the speed of light, as the big bang theory would suggest with its initial inflationary kickstart. That means that the star matter energy, from the original “Let there be light”, was being distributed across the universe at a faster pace than the speed of light. As the star matter energy cooled down from the water clouds, they then formed, and precipitated out the stars as we know them.

Yet, all of this happened at a pace faster than light, and therefore in less time than it appears. This means that stars that appear like they have taken billions of years to take up their present positions and get their light to us, may have only taken thousands of years as the time to cross that distance was less, and therefore substantiates a young earth.

(Faster than light expansion at the beginning of universe.)

The resulting question, of how could the stars at those great distances, especially those galaxy stars that are out at the edges of the universe, have gotten their light to us in such a short time? Even if the stars got there at an accelerated pace, how did they get their light back to us so soon, so we could see them in this time, and in such a short time. The answer is that each light path, or each conduit of light path, taken out to these stars was being created simultaneously as the heavens were being stretched. So the connection path of light had already been established as they stretched further and further away. Since light was already connected, our eyes with the aid of the Hubble telescope can now see these stars.

If the stars would have only just begun to send out their light to us, from that generation point, out from those great distances, then we still would not be able to see this light as it would have not have yet gotten to us. The fact that space is known to be stretching and the fact that time slows down when you go faster than light, points to a tangible proof that the universe is actually young rather than old. The only way that it could be old is if it had actually arrived at the normal pace of the speed of light, which is relatively much slower than what truly happened.

To see an example of just how far this expansion happened in such a short time observe this next video showing the powers of ten. Its aim is to show you how the powers of ten work but my aim is to show you the relative size and the speed at which the expansion relatively had to occur. Underneath that, are two links showing a chart and speaking on the large numbers and their ranges. These are important links as they prepare an idea that I will present to you shortly.

See the Power of 10 Video (Click on 10 photo)

Photo by Tanya McConnell,
Video it is linked to is produced by: Pyramid FILMS
08:30 min. / 1978
Original Source: P10
Reference: Charles & Ray Eames

See Links to Power of ten chart and Power of ten simple tutorial *

The reason I showed you this video and two links below it was to give you an idea of the rate of expansion and how much distance would have to be covered and just how big these numbers are. Another reason that I wanted to show you these things is that I believe that it is very possible that the universe’s expansion rate is happening exponentially on the order or power of ten. What does that mean? It means that the acceleration rate or expansion of the universe has had a predictable or fixed path and order as well, and that the expansion was not arbitrary but determined.

(See link below showing that the universe indeed has been scientifically proven to be expanding, and expanding at an accelerated pace by E. Hubble using supernova evidence.) Not only is there evidence of a fast expansion, but there is also evidence of the relatively quick overall formation of stars according to NASA.

Up to now we have been talking about velocity or speed of an object. Since we have been talking about the universe accelerating I would like for you to take a look at this next link to watch the graphs and notice the difference in how the graph showing a constant velocity is straight, like a straight line, but with acceleration, the line, very much so, looks curved. This pattern is very similar when we consider numbers adding to themselves which is also a straight line or linear progression as opposed to multiplication which is a curved line or an exponential progression. The first link below is an example done graphically and the second link is done numerically. Both examples show the intense difference between velocity or a linear form of progression and acceleration which is an exponential form of progression of expansion.

1. Visual or graphic display of linear vs. exponential progression.

2. Numerical display of linear vs. exponential progression.

3. Fun simple visual tutorial the concept of acceleration.

Now if we look at Genesis 1:22 and Genesis 1:28, we see that God in both verses commanding the progression of the species to be fruitful and multiply. He did not say be fruitful and add, He said be fruitful and multiply. What I find interesting is that He did not say be fruitful and multiply to the plants and the trees when He made them. He just made them and said that it was good. Yet, in these two verses He was telling the fish of the sea and the beast of the earth and man to be fruitful and multiply. In effect He was using language adjectives here that referred to the plant’s natural behavior, as they were already behaving according to the way they had been made to be fruitful and multiply weren’t they?

If you look at most plants and trees, you will see that one seed can produce a tree, but then the tree will make multiple seeds for new trees. One kernel of corn will produce a multitude of new corn that is on the cob. The corn is being fruitful and it is multiplying. Not all seeds may reproduce necessarily, but a multiple of offspring will occur just like as in fish with their eggs, and frogs with theirs. Yes, yes, there are exceptions, but most will follow this pattern.

So why am I talking about this? I am speaking of this because of the format, or the way things were progressing in creation, was in a multiplying type fashion. In an exponential fashion instead of a linear fashion. The human race as a whole has been growing exponentially as well. The be fruitful and multiply action plan was already in God’s mindset. Therefore it is reasonable to believe that the expansion of the universe expanded exponentially instead of just linearly. The scientific data already agrees with this as well.

If we go back to the power of ten chart again, we might now also notice another potential pattern. If you will look at it closely, you will see that you are at the number 10^6 for a million. If you add three zeros to it you get a billion or 10^9. If you add three more zeros you get 10^12 which is a trillion. Another 3 zeros added and you get a quadrillion, then a quintillion, a sextillion, and finally at 10^24 you get a septillion. God created for 6 days and rested on the seventh day. The number seven represents God’s number of perfection in scripture, which is how many zeros were added on each time, is also God’s number.

In the powers of 10 video above you went from 10^24 which is the outermost reaches of the universe down to 10^-16 which was the number of the smallest entity at the subatomic particle level. The range between these two numbers is 10^40. 40 is also a number heavily used in the bible as the number that represents a completion. Like raining for 40 days and for 40 nights during the flood of Noah. While I cannot really prove anything here, I find it quite interesting that this numerical pattern actually exist.

Universal exponential acceleration in the beginning.

Among these three links many interesting things are being said. However, the important facts to extract here is that the scientists are saying the universe on one hand, started with exponential acceleration, and on the other hand, they are also saying the universe is still expanding exponentially based on the distant supernova evidence. Yet, what the key importance revealed here is that if the universe started with exponential expansion in the beginning and the universe is still demonstrating exponential expansion at this point in time at the far edges of the universe, than the entirety of the universe’s history of expansion throughout time is predominately exponential!

What is also being said by scientists is that this expansion is due to a form of energy caused by dark matter which they term as dark energy. See the two links below and read about it.

 Dark energy

What dark energy is I am not sure. It is definitely still an unknown at this point. Yet, I am going to submit to you a unique idea. This idea is a little unusual but it may be the very key to what is behind this “force that is working in the dark”. Now granted there may be an actual physical entity or wave of energy that is still pushing at the extremes of our galaxy, but it is still exponential. So I request of you the revisiting of ourselves to the verse Genesis 1:2. Notice that the Holy Spirit was present during the beginning of this expansion. He, the third person of the trinity, was there during this push, during this birthing process.

He was present and alive in the darkness, and was present with the waters. He was present with the unformed earth. Like an egg will exponentially grow once it has been fertilized, so the word, which is compared to seed in Isaiah 55:9-11, once it was spoken out of God’s mouth, in His predetermined plan, seeded our physical universe from the spiritual realm, out of the gentle loins of His Love. Once the words “Let there be light was spoken”, the Holy Spirit went to work, who was in the dark at present, to bring forth or bring to birth all of physical life. The miracle of life was happening as the Holy Spirit hovered over the waters. The spiritual realm was interacting with the physical realm.

Right after that was where the command was given to expand the universe. It was not the light that expanded the universe. Even though the natural tendency of light is to go forth out from itself, the expansion of the universe did not come from the light energy. As was stated in the Chambers of Love article, it was the action following the command “Let the waters be divided from the waters”. The force of expansion came from this. This is why the scientist are so befuddled as they are shifting gears in their theories from big bang light energy of expansion to now some unknown dark energy force of expansion in an attempt to try to explain the existent phenomena. Phenomena, such as the clumping of galaxies, demonstrating a different expansion dynamic as compared to the expected expansion dynamic with the Big Bang's theory. (See the Dark Matter article on the All of the Answers Index page for more details).

Also, one of the main arguments for a young universe is the fact that there are just too few super nova remnants present in our universe supposing to be billions of years old. There should be many more examples in space recording the old age of the universe but they are not found. Not only are there too few supernova remnants present for an old universe, but the sizes of the various supernova remnant’s explosion diameters also do not support an old universe that is billions of years old, but rather shows a young universe in the order of 10,000 years old. See the below reference articles for a full explanation of these phenomena.

Exploding star remnants points to a young universe

Older supernova far away are similar in behavior to supernova close up.

Star matter or galaxies formed quickly

In conclusion, the physical realm came into existence and was birthed through the command of God the Father, through the declaring of the living word, the Son, and by the actions and power of the Holy Spirit. In a similar fashion, at a later time, the Holy Spirit also had overshadowed Mary in the New Testament where the immortal incorruptible seed of the living word, was implanted into her womb. Upon growing in stature and coming to maturity, his ministry expanded as the Holy Spirit operated thorough Jesus abundantly. Acts 10:38

As Jesus spread the word, and the gospel of the kingdom many lives were touched. He then commissioned the Apostles to go out into the highways and the byways and to do the same things that He had been doing. Yet, they were not to do it alone, but rather Jesus promised that He would send another Counselor, the promised Holy Spirit and they were to wait for Him (The Holy Spirit) in Jerusalem. The living word had been implanted in these men’s hearts and they were to go out and spread the good news and the gospel of the kingdom throughout the land.

Christianity expanded now at an exponential rate even though many were being put to death by the authorities in an attempt to snuff out this expansion. Christianity has been expanding ever since and now we are at the final stages of this expansion or dispensation known as the age of grace. The Holy Spirit brought light out of the darkness. 2nd Corinthians 4:6. He is also still involved in this activity and would like to continue the expansion of the kingdom of God into your life as well, if you have not yet entered into the kingdom by the door.

Jesus’ death provided the means by which we can have access to the Father and receive His Love and His sacrifice of His Son of which He holds very dear to Him. The fact that He offered up His own Son to us is a testimony to the fact of his personal love towards each of us. If we are willing to receive Jesus as our Savior and as God’s gift to us, the Holy Spirit,will upon our agreement and confession of faith, operate on our behalf, and will approach us in our own personal universe, in our own spiritual land of darkness, and bring us to the birth, and place inside of us His own Spirit of light, and therefore transform us from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.

The ruler of this world and kingdom of darkness has already been defeated. Yet in order for the light to have victory over darkness in our own lives, it is necessary for one to accept Jesus as their personal Savior, and to allow Jesus to bring forth that personal victory, in our own universe. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5

Are you ready to expand your universe?

Are you ready to study the and experience the spiritual physics of forgiveness, and the multiplication of His mercy?

Here is a video showing about time

and how it is flowing like a river.

Don’t wait to long too receive your forgiveness

from Jesus and enter into His loving kingdom.

I don’t want to have to say:

Goodbye My Friend


                          Applying the dimensions of our authority

When we look at the verse in (Matthew 17:20)where Jesus teaches on the subject of speaking to the mountain you get the sense that it is a spiritual act that we can do in Him that has far greater implications and possibilities than when you compare it to the verse also in (Matthew 7:7-11), Ask and you will receive…  In this second verse, we are humbly and reverently drawing near to the thrown of grace and laying out our request before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and asking him for a response.  We can even ask boldly as we drawn near to this throne of grace.  Yet when were taught to stand up and speak to the mountain which Jesus directed his disciples to do there seems to be even a much greater boldness and participation of faith on our part, required.  

Jesus was teaching here of when you come up against impossible circumstances and situations that appear immovable, similar to a mountain that is immovable, than if you have faith enough, and do not doubt, you can stand up, speak, and command the mountain to move, and it will move.  Jesus personally demonstrated this principle with an even greater impact toward his disciples when he stood in front of Lazarus’s cave and said to a 4 day old dead body, “Lazarus come out”!!! (Jn 11:1-44) When the Creator’s Son who had his Father’s God like faith in him, that is more solid than the greatest mountain ever made, things will move!

Jesus did not ask permission to see if it was ok, and he did not check in with his disciples to what their opinion was on whether or not he should do it.  Nike could have gotten an early start as he “Just did it”.  Yet he did not do it alone as he did it in accordance and agreement with His Father and the Holy Spirit.  It is easy to see how our faith can be easily destroyed if we are wondering about if we can do it, or if were worthy enough that we can receive it, or whether or not it’s God’s will or not for something to happen.  That kind of faith, is about as solid as a wet noodle.  In order to solidify our faith like a mountain, and therefore then to move the mountain, we must solidly resolve inside ourselves that Jesus will do what we believe and say to do by faith, because he said in his word that He would do it.  (Ps 37:5)  Commit your way to the Lord, trust in him, and he will act.)  Just think of what we could do with our prayers?!!!!

Joshua, who was Israel’s leader after Moses had died, seemed to understand this principle of faith very well.  If we look at the following passage, and please read it, Joshua (10:7-8), not only had God just told him, don’t worry, I am on your side, but He declared that no one would able to stand before him.  Wow, what confidence would that instill in someone.  This was not a self confidence that Joshua created in himself, it was a confidence that God instilled in Him because God reassured Joshua that He would be with him wherever he went in his mighty hands of (power)!  

Can you, in your mind, visualize and go down to the battlefield and get into the living forensics of the fray and hear its overall intensity (example of sounds of battle) and charge of these armies?  Can you picture the boldness of a faith filled Hebraic army being led by a commander in chief, who is supersaturated with faith?  Do you hear the swords clang, and the grunting and struggle of these highly muscled men of valor, as they push against their enemies in this battle, back?  Sure, wounds may have been incurred by them in battle, and sure, some may have even fallen, but this faith filled army just seemed to be bulldozing its way slowly, but surely, through their opponents.

Yet, this all did not happen in just a few minutes.  This battle went on for hours as the enemy was not a pushover at all.   Little by little progress was being made on the battlefield, but then Joshua as Commander realized something in the midst of the contention.  He saw that it was about mid-day and he estimated that it would take much longer to finish this job off.  It seemed like it was to go into the middle of the night and Joshua was concerned that he would lose important advantage if he and his men could not see.

So now here is where it gets good.  Joshua stood up, made up his mind, and looked intently at the sun and said”   SUN stand still!!!!  (Joshua 10:12-13) Wow is that bold.  In the midst of battle he ascertained he needed more sunlight or more time in the sunlight and came to the conclusion inside himself that God had already declared the victory and that whatever he needed was his and the battle would be won.  So he stood up in faith on the promise of God that God was with him and spoke to the sun expecting that God must act!!!  Can you hear this psunami command and shout of victory in the very midst of the battle literally shook through everyone’s ears?   The bold fighting continued…, and continued…, and continued.  It went on for many hours longer than a regular day.  

The men knew how long a day of battle would take.  They knew how their muscles felt during and after battle, but this battle had gone long beyond what was usual.  It was if they had an extra set of hours.  (In the apocryphal book of Jasper 88:63-64, where the book of Joshua refers to as a second reference, states that the battle went on for 6 and ½ moments.  I do not know what this means, but my guess is that it is 6 and ½ periods of time.  Could it be a referencing of time in the terms of hours?)  For sure, it was a very extended day as it is stated, that the Sun waited to go down for a full day.

Yet here is the thing that is truly amazing.   Not only did Joshua speak to the Sun, but he spoke also to the Moon, and he mentioned their locations where they would affix over.  This means their were specific earthly reference points to observe both of these heavenly bodies being fixated in the sky.  They did not move.  They did as Joshua had commanded.  Now that is awesome in itself, but when you think of what God had to do in order to bring this to pass is just mind boggling.  

So what did God have to do to bring this command of Joshua to pass?  The first thing is that we have to look at the fact that Joshua and the Israelites perceived that the sun and moon circled the earth.  They did not have the scientific perspective that we have today.  If you look at this verse in Ecclesiastes you can see this is how they saw it and believed it.  Yet, the truth is that the visual effect of the moon and sun revolving around the earth is really due primarily to the rotation of the earth.  A rotation that is occurring at 1000 mph.  So how did God do it.  If he suddenly stopped the earth, scientists say we all jump forward like in a major car accident due to the force that is in both the vehicle and the bodies in the vehicle.  If the vehicle suddenly stops the force of the people continues to move them sharply forward force of momentum. (That’s why we are supposed to use seat belts by the way).  

Now this is where it becomes fascinating.  The moon is rotating around the earth every month but the earth is rotating around the sun.  If the earth was stopped in a fairly abrupt manner we would lunge forward as described before.  However, there would also be disruption of the winds and therefore the clouds would perhaps change direction.   That would have been noticed in the battle, but there is no mention of a wind change.  In fact the only things that seem to affix were the sun and the moon to the background landscape locations that were described in the verses.  Now it is possible of a gradual slowing down of the rotation to where it would not be noticed could have very well have happened, but the fact that there would be potential detrimental changes to the earth leads me to believe that the stopping of the earth’s rotation may not have been what actually occurred.

One way of doing it would be that the whole universe rotated with the earth in that time frame.  The one who framed the worlds with the word could rotate the universe at the same pace of the rotation of the earth with the word.  Yet, for some reason I tend to think God’s supernatural action was more localized.  What I mean by this is that you could have had time layers within the time-space continuum going on within time by which you could have a localized area allowed to move ahead in time, where another area would be fixated in time (Similar to those computer photoshop programs that allow you to edit art and photos by editing a particular layer within the total composite art allowing a scalpel precision editing of the picture without affecting the other layers).  The reason why I think this way is that nothing else was altered except the sun’s and the moon’s fixation of position.

Now the Sun and the moon were created by God to mark the times and the seasons in Genesis 1:14.  If, however, you temporarily lose your reference points then you have no real way of telling time except by your senses of what you’re used to.  Their senses and experience showed them that the sun waited.

Another possibility is that there was excruciatingly accurate angular tilt that was put in place on the earth so that a temporary condition existed where the apparent fixation of the sun and moon’s location occurred.  This way is a way it could of happened, but other things could have notably changed from Joshua’s perspective, such as temperature and wind changes.  

If we look at the other scriptures of documenting similar events where the space-time continuum was either stretched, bent, disrupted, or changed, than it might shed some light on what happened here.

1.    Phillp transferred by the Holy Spirit over a long distance of space in the book of Acts after God used him to minister to the Eunuch. (Acts 8:39-40)

2.    Upon Jesus calming the sea they immediately they all were at the other side. (John 6:16-21)

3.    Jesus appearing in the flesh, in the room, suddenly, to his disciples.  (Lk 24:29-48)

4.    Jesus moving through the Pharisees, as they were attempting to throw them off the cliff.  (Lk 4:28-30)

All of these apparent displacements of time, space, and other quantities seemed to be quite simple for the master and constructor of the universe.  His ability to supercede, superimpose and edit change upon the natural laws of gravity became very evident, when He upheld Peter by the solid substance of his word over the liquid raging sea.  His ability to expand matter instantaneously from a smaller substance amount to a resultantly huge amount, in the miracle of the bread and the fish story, demonstrates another dimension of physical altering which implies an ability to effect anything in anyway in which he chooses, if chosen and spoken.

Like a regular author will insert a new paragraph into his work and then completely change the story dynamics, the author of life, and finisher of our faith, can cut and paste, dissolve and reform, our realities. Like a chemist will yield a solid from a liquid as a new precipitated plastic, or refine a thin and yellow gasoline from a thick and black crude of oil, I have seen the master many times in my own life cause something to happen after prayer.  It somehow happens, and yet I have no clue or understand, or even attempt to understand, how it happened.  It just did.  I am only awesomely left with giving Him the thanks and glory.  

On one occasion whether you believe this or not, I had just listened to a tape on developing your faith and speaking to the mountain by our Pastor Henry Adams Jr., and it got me so fired up I was ready to exercise that kind of faith.  When I began driving home on 281 from Floresville to 37 in Texas, the sky was overcast and grayish cloudy from a previous rain so it was just a blanket of clouds overhead.  The sky was covered completely with this grey over cast except for this one lonely isolated medium size cloud far underneath the overcast.

I thought why can’t I speak to the cloud to disperse and so I decided to speak to the cloud.  I said “cloud” you no longer exist in Jesus’ name, you must dissolve and disperse.  A few minutes went by and nothing happened.  I said that’s ok, I’m waiting…
Nothing happened.  I said “I don’t care what you do you must disperse.  After about 7 minutes it started to break up.  Within five minutes it was gone.  You might say Oh, that’s coincidence, but there was no reason for it to break up but for the words I spoke.  You have seen many clouds completely transverse the sky and the may slightly change their shape, and I mean very slightly, but they will not dissolve and disappear.   

Joshua stood up and spoke to both the sun and the moon and the fabric of reality changed.  The sun and the moon were affixed to their place, affixed against two separate landmarks on the earth so as to prove that God had performed the signs and wonders, using the two land marks to testify of the event.  

Invisible spiritual reality, where the living Word of God is enthroned and reigns therefore is truly the solid foundational substance behind the liquid-like physical reality only appearing solid to us.  Circumstances that appear to us as solid and immovable and well fixed and unchangeable are truly as solid as a liquid when it compares against the solid Rock of Christ and word of God. 

So the next time you see an impossible situation such as a looming over of apparently certain financial collapse, or a terminal cancer, or an incessant drug addiction, or a jail sentence that seems it will never end.  Perhaps we should look at our realities the way they really are and see that what seems to be so solid is as bendable and changeable as liquid when the solid reality of the living word gets applied and spoken to that situation.  It all truly depends on how solidly and firmly we believe it, doesn’t it!!!   




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