Sarkozy: Just a Player or the Man

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Nicholas Sarkozy Toe to Toe within the Frameworks!

Sarkozy: At least the second toe, or could he be more?


Watch a short but great video on the coming antichrist


In Frameworks III there is a full discussion on the development of Nebuchadrezzar's statue spoken of in the Book of Daniel and how the mixed iron and clay composition of the feet and toes represent the new world order kingdom to come, or the revived Roman Empire. The first big toe arrived with the bringing about of the European Union. Now on July 13th 2008, Nicholas Sarkozy has introduced the second toe "The Mediterranean Union". Will this toe be the second big toe of leadership on the other foot, or an even greater question to ask is, does Nicholas Sarkosy fit the shoes of the coming antichrist leader of this world kingdom that is forming right before our eyes?

Clearly, the forming of this Mediterranean Union is a major End time development. It's been stated, that this Mediterranean Union composed of 43 nations, and is the brainchild of Nicholas Sarkozy. It's aim is to bring about a positive framework and an atmosphere to facilitate peace into the Mediterranean area, and to potentially bring about a final agreement between Israel and its Arab opponents, the formation of a Palistinean state. It is also aimed in the bringing about a removal of nuclear weapons and WMD's.

The impact of this new union on the world has yet to be seen, but it will have a domino like magnetism effect in the sense of other unions forming; Monkey see, Monkey do. Perhaps, as the United States present presidential race comes to a close, it will facillitate another union, a union much harder to form, that is the North American Union. This union has been already suggested and seeded by the tri-lateral trade agreements, (between Mexico, United States, and Canada), along with the future proposed construction of the Nafta super highway. Ergo, the easier and most logical candidate to carry out this "change", is the candidate of change, Barack Obama.

Yet, the formation of this second toe, and more toes to come, is not the most interesting topic that is being discussed here. It is whether or not Nicholas Sarkozy fits the bill as the leader of this new world empire. I do not think it will happen or be revealed to us as promised just quite yet, for there are scriptures in Daniel that appear to indicate that the horns (authorities, kingdom areas)Daniel 7:1-8, will be already established before the little horn rises up among them to take his preeminent role of being the king of these other kings. However, if we look into Nicholas Sarkoszy a little bit, we will see the makings of a potential and real candidate for this role of the subsitute messiah or antichrist.

The first place to start is to look at his present and near future capacities, and then to also look at his name, and his ancestry history. By exploring these things and more, we should be able to see if he is a potential candidate for this seat of power.

If we look at Name meanings we observe the following. With Nicholas there is one meaning which is... "victor of the people". With Sarkoszy, a Hungarian name, we find more than one meaning available. In one case it means "of the area Sarkozy" similar to the usage of Leonardo Davinci, which means Leonardo of Vinci (a town). Another meaning found is "between the mud and the river", with the most interesting meaning from the Greek root "Sarka means "dweller of a place where a fire occurred". (Clay is formed near the mud and muck of streams. Biblical clay John 8:23 Will the man of sin, man of the earth, man of this world's name be identified with mud and clay?)

Some biblical speakers are even stating that Sarkozy's name origin means "Prince of my tribulation, and the Prince of darkness." If you look at the following link to Shofar Ministries, you will will find these and many other attributes stated about Nicholas Sarkozy. In the Shofar Ministries link it states Sarkozy is supportive of the Chabad-Lubovitch re building the temple. (Here is a video demonstrating the intent among the Jewish people in general to rebuild the temple).

In looking at Nicholas Sarkozy's general history (includes three separate articles) we find some other interesting truths including some collaboration with what has already been said. We consider this a very important link in reading as it will give you the general groundwork on Nicholas Sarkozy.

Here are a few things Nicholas Sarkosy has experience in or has been associated with.

1. Ministry of interior- Homeland Security, Police, France

2. Ministry of Finance - in France

3. Ministry of Worship - in France where CFCM for Islamic faith was created.

He is now the President of France, and will shortly sit in the revolving seat of the European Union's President, and has just initiated the Meditterenean Union. He is also calling for an educational change with respect to religion.


Please study the general history link for Sarkozy's impressive resume as you will even see in his ancestral lineage Jewish blood (Sephardic Jews) and was influenced by Islamic culture via the Ottomon Empire. His mother Andree Mallah's ancestral father Benniko Mallah, was in the mainland Sephardic Greek city, Salonika. The name Mallah means "angel, and messenger" Read this in Sarkozy's Jewish roots. These Jewish roots gives him a great sympathy towards the Jewish people. Here is a link where Sarkozy states his deep attachment to the Jewish people. But the name Mallah also reaches into the Islamic world as well.

Now if we dig a little deeper you will find the Sephardic Jews came from Spain and left to the Ottomon Empire invited by the Islamic Sultan at that time as the Jews were being persecuted first in the Spanish Inquisition and finally expelled from Spain in 1492. This established deep cultural ties between the Sephardic Jews and Turkey You can see Islamic influence in the name Mallah. So the name Mallah belonged both to Jewish perople and Islamic or Arabic people.

Now it is said that the Jews that went to Spain happened during the dispora in 70 AD where the Romans utterly destroyed the temple and some of them went to Spain. Yet, if we go back further in history the Assyrians killed and assimilated slaves into their kingdom in Isaiahs time (the ten northern tribes), and the King of Babylon Nebuchadrezzar assimlated the Jewish people into their culture as slaves. Even before that Solomon mixed his blood with many wives of foreign nations. So it is reasonable to think the ancestors of Mallah may have had Assyrian blood in them as well.

The reason why I am bringing this up is that there are many who believe that the antichrist will be of Syrian blood as well. Assyria was before Syria and it is called the land of Nimrod, named after Nimrod the hunter who built the tower of Babylon. Genesis 10:1-12 The antichrist has hunter, trader, pride, attributes associated with him. Ezekiel 28:1-19 Tarshish a biblical city has one of its locations to be in Spain!

Let's look into a few links on Assyria and the Antichrist


General history of Assyria

Similarity of Syria and Assyria

Where shall the anti-christ come from? (A biblical opinion)

The antichrist shall arise from Turkey (A biblical opinion)


Could this revived Roman World Empire be more of a mixture of Iron and clay, or a mixture of nations representing the hardness of Rome and the soft and sandy like texture of wet clay and brittle like pottery? Could not the man of sin have Jewish blood, Assyrian blood, Greek blood, and other mixtures of blood? Will not this coming world kingdom be a compromise and a mixture of power, culture, trade, and religions? Should not the man of sin be a representation and leader of this mixture? A leader to deceive the world and take Israel from its true Messiah Jesus Christ?

Upon a long period of Israel toying and worshipping other gods, and upon King Solomon marrying into many nations and making alliances and compromises with his foreign wives, did Israel at God's allowance get assimilated into Assyria, and Babylon? Upon Jesus coming the first time as Messiah and their rejection of Him and their folloup dispersion did some of those dispersed end up in Spain? Upon the Sephardic Jews returning to the Ottomon empire after the Inquistion and Expulsion did they find temporary solace and tolerance in the Ottomon or then Islamic empire? After this Hitler tried to finish the job. This is when the recent Sarkozy ancestors moved back into France where Nicholas Sarkozy finds himself today.

Can you then see the potential connection here in that Nicholas Sarkozy, a man with many leadership talents, being a prince of peace and just initiating the Mediterrenean Union advocating peace between Islamic nations and Israel, potentially leading this world into a new, accepted, and wanted empire which will end all war? Can you see many candidate attributes of the antichrist linging up with what he is doing and accomplishing?

It does not mean so for sure, for we do not have all the information in. For according to the book of Thessalonions the lawless one has to be revealed before the catching up into the air. 2 Thessalonians 2:1-5 So as time goes on we will see if these things are so, or another arises to lead this world kingdom. For sure Nicholas Sarkozy is a key player in this forming world empire. What is amazing is that it is not that far away from happening which makes our catching up not that far away.


What will happen upon our upcoming elections in the year of new begginings?

Is this not a signal for us to trim our lamps and get ready for the return of the bridegroom? Praise God!!!


Informative videos on the antichrist and his kingdom

Video clip #1, Video Clip #2


Fanstastic Perry Stone Youtube videos!!!!! Video #1, Video #2, Video #3

These videos reveal a connection of Greece to the AntiChrist and his kingdom.

This prophectic and scriptural connection to Greece implies a very possible connection to Nicholas Sarkozy!!!! (Sarkozy has himself stated that his roots are from Greece. Greece as a nation is very mountainous, and while they did have some argricultural products, ie; wine, olives, they became wealthy and abundant through trade. Along with this they were mighty thinkers. (One of the Antichrist's charactaristics is that he would be wiser than Daniel. Ezekiel 28:1-5 The King of Tyre is connected to the Antichrist and Lucifer because He was the cherub spoken of in the garden of Eden not the King of Tyre. The King of Tyre God used as a figurative connection to Lucifer. It is called an archetype.) Ezekiel 28:11-14


Satan as Counterfeiter

New Age antichrist - (Sarkozy is an Aquarius)

Antichrist and Aliens- Cutting Edge Ministries

Simple & concise list of antichrist's characteristics

Comparisons and contrast between Christ and the antichrist

Some Biblical verses on the antichrist

Arthur Pink's book on the antichrist


On End times Radio program you can hear a live discussion about this very subject on Blog talk Radio. Since there was also a debate at near the end of show about the subject of the rapture, I decided to include this link as a great resource in examing the rapture and why many, many Christians believe in the catching away or "raptura" as oppossed to just waiting for Jesus to come back after the tribulation. God always provides a way of escape for the righteous such as He did with Noah and he Ark, and with Abraham and Lot before wrath and destruction arrived. "For God has not appointed us for wrath but to obtain salvation.

Rapture Link

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