Global Frameworks IV

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NWO: The Final Stage of Globalization is Here.

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Luke 4:5-6

Then the devil took Him up to a high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the habitable world in a moment of time.

6And he said to Him, To You I will give all this power and authority and their glory (all their magnificence, excellence, preeminence, dignity, and grace), for it has been turned over to me, and I give it to whomever I will.

As you can see Satan is claiming here to have power over these kingdoms. He manages this power through the other fallen angels and has set up his heiarchy and his strategies! While in truth Jesus has taken back the keys of power, the enemy still attempts to sell that he is in control.

The Governmental Clay Is Going Brittle

We have already developed the prophecy of Nebuchadnezzar's statue in depth in Frameworks III for you. What we will focus on here is where we are in Biblical Prophecy at this time now. We will also keep you posted on things as they develop. On the right, we have four very good explanatory videos by International Argentinian Analyst- Salbulchi discussing what is going on in the world today, the present financial collapse, and whats really behind it. We understand that it is his opinion, but it describes the global situation that we are experiencing and observing fairly well.

Upon your watching of those 4 short videos we will then attempt to view and compare these statements with Biblical Prophecy, especially those in Daniel. In Daniel Chapters 2, Daniel Chapter 7 and Daniel Chapter 8. From these chapters we have two separate accounts and therefore two different angles of perception on what this final World Empire would be like. We know that these four consecutive World Kingdoms have already occurred in history as follows; The Babylonian empire, the Medes-Persian empire, the Grecian empire, and finally the Roman empire.

The Roman empire was displayed in the dream as the two split thighs and legs of this statue. The Roman Empire of course was split into two halves later on as the Eastern and Western Roman Empire. The consistency of the legs are iron demonstrating the metals used during the empire and the hardness of this empire's rule. Yet in the feet, are the 10 toes which divides this empire into 10 kingdom areas of rule. The feet of mixed iron and clay are reflecting certain specific charactaristics about this Empire's rule, primarily, partly hard, but partly soft, and in some versions, the clay is expressed as ceramic or fired clay which results in making the clay brittle.

First, I would like you to re-examine a video on clay molding and then look at what happens to clay when it is fired in an oven. (Please view both links for they are vital to understand the next points I will make.)

Now, clay's bendability and flexibility has to do with water being dissolved in it. As the clay dries, water is removed. The next stage is a low level heating process which removes water further. After that is when the higher temperature heat drives off even the chemically bonded water to the clay. As the heat increases still there is an irreversible change in the fired clay where the clay can no longer be mixed with water. The final step of the firing process is an internal crystalline rearrangement. (You can observe all the details in the links above).

So what is the point of all of this... Well if the consistency of clay and iron are signifying governance or rule in the empire, and then we combine this idea with the two facts that fire in the Bible points to trials, and that water is compared to the living Word of God, we then can notice effectively how our world has been in repetitive wars and rumors of wars, including 2 major world wars, terrorisms, etc., and see how slowly but surely the living water, (meaning the trust and reliance upon the word of God), is leaving our land and our government.

Democracy, without the living word being mixed in it will become more and more brittle as we exchange love and truth as the pre-eminant components inside it and replace it with human rights being first. Democracy in the U.S. was established by our founding fathers with the word of God it saturated our government and country. Now, there is just a little water in it that still remains.

As democracy is being spread with a dash of socialism in it, the resulting batter will become like peanut brittle. A candy that will be sweet to everyone's taste as these 10 kingdoms arise. It will be sweet, because it will appear to move us to quickly solve the world's problems, but brittle as we all know how frail our human nature really is.

The end result will be a multi-tasking solution offered that fixes the economy, fixes terrorism, fixes the borders, fixes religious war and division, confronts the energy and ecology, solves the middle east conflict, introduces new technology, excels in trade and commerce, increases opportunity and education, that finally results in the 10 areas or regions of global rule that promotes ultimate peace, security, and commerce, filled with many and diverse abundant promises of prosperity for all.

Sounds great doesn't it? It would almost appear super-stupid for someone to resist it or refuse it. Perhaps, we will not be allowed to refuse it or have a choice in the matter. Perhaps, for the benefit of the masses these decisions will be made without us. Or perhaps, the majority of the world will gladly accept these terms with the knowlege that things are really going to get better finally, especially if we have resolved or reduced religious and political conflict.

Let's look to see if any of these toes are already present. First if we look at a map of the European Union and the recently started Mediterrenean Union of their member states we will notice an interesting historical comparison...Now look at the territory showing the ancient Roman Empire


These two unions may very well be the two big toes right and left of the revived Roman Empire of the Nebuchadnezzar statue!

Toe 1 - European Union

Toe 2 - Mediterenean Union

Not only this but other unions already in progress give us up to two more toes already in progress.

Toe 3 - African Union

Toe 4 - OAS- Organization of the American states

Oas at a Glance

Bush has summit between mexico, Canada, and United States- Washington Post

EU an MU are partners


Exactly which union is what toe is not the important thing. The important thing is that 4 unions are up and running, the EU and MU are in partnership, the EU amd MU mimic the territory of the Ancient Roman Empire.

Another startling fact is that the OAS has been around for decades and its based in our own Washington D.C.

If you visit their charters, you will observe similar patterns and goals such as increased security against terrorism, increased trading and business capability, ie Nafta, along with the promotion of democracy and human rights.


What is behind the Global Financial Crisis?

Who is behind this and how?

History of the Federal Reserve

General Timeline of Global Governance


NWO - A conspiracy theory for crackpots or is it truly forming?

George Bush Sr-NWO

LOU Dobbs - NWO

Kissinger speaks on NWO

England's Prime Minister Brown- NWO

Sarkosy NWO Speech

Obama Speech

Georgian President

Walter Cronkite - NWO, I sit on right hand of Satan

One World Religion Ecumenical Summit

Complete Idiot's Guide to NWO

Henry Lamb -UN What is this?!!!

Chipitty do dah Chippity Yeah

Note: The following links below allow you a small peek into the vast size of this global governance ship. It's apparent intent is for the good and well being of this planet. For one too understand the immensity of what faces us one has to be willing enough and patient enough to see the truth for themselves. Understanding a problem is the first step to addressing the problem.


Post War (WWII) New World Order Map Not a new plan



What do these Organizations say about their own plans?

A. Council of Foreign Relations (CFR- run by Rockefeller)

CFR and international Global Governence

CFR and North American Integration- Nafta, etc

CFR- Creating a North American Community

The Hard Road to World Order


B. Club of Rome

Club of Rome- Rethinking Civilization

Globalization, governance in an era


C. Un Policy Forum Very interesting site

UN mission statement- DESA

Global Governance and Cosmopolitan Citizens

Civil Society and Global Governance

One life Worth Another


D. Tri-Lateral Commission

Regionalism in a converging world -Note: -Open pdf file, turn doc. right

Towards a renovated World Monetary System Note:Open pdf, turn doc. right


E. Organization of the American States - OAS (35 member Nations) Feel free to browse

Regionalization in the Western Hemisphere

Many articles on OAS trade

Canada and the Americas

OAS democratic Charter


Nafta website Download NAfTA agreement

Case for the Amero

Lou Dobbs- Bush North American Union (Video)

Lou Dobbs - Obama North American Union (Video)


F. African Union - Website

African Union Vision - Open vision Link pdf file on left (inside)


G. European Union- Website

Some Business Goals in the European Union

What the European Union is about?


H. Mediterreanean Union


World System Theory


I. Crackpot or is former MI6 agent John Coleman right on,

(watch video) and you decide.

Committee of 300 Organizational Global Control Chart - Click on Charts to make Larger

John Coleman's book- Committee of 300

John Coleman - Socialism the road to Slavery

Changing the Image of man- Download pdf How America is to be changed!

Codex Alimentarius Comission video full version- must see!!!

Glen Beck report on Economic Collapse video

Media Control - video


If you look at the different collective goals amongst these international organizations you will begin to see similar patterns emerge. Patterns like improved international security, improved internet and education, improved integration of peoples and border control, the lowering of trading tarrifs, improving trade and international business interaction and networks, reducing poverty on a global scale, shifting from a predominent national sovereignty to a more equitable and fair collective sovereignty meaning our laws, policies and governance will occur in the region or union in question, not in the member state. It would be like Federal law trumping state law, even though there would be state law. These amongst many other global features are being energetically pursued by many governments.

At first glance I go, wow, what a great idea. Star Trek here we come. No more wars, no more poverty, better business and trade, better technology, and if we could end the religious divisions that would end religious wars. I think at first, I can't wait for the shiny new global goodness empire of peace and security to appear!! It looks like we will finally solve our international problems and we will all get a piece of this prosperity pie.

Yet, amazingly enough this has all been written down in the Bible ahead of time that man would build a world empire to come together to solve the worlds problems and worship together no matter what is the name of your god that you serve. That's what we saw in the Ecunemical Council video above, right? Yet this was already tried once with the tower of Babylon. God himself saw the potential of man and decided to scatter the nations. Why? Why didn't he allow man to come together? Would not that have been a good thing?

To learn about this and more, stay tuned and find out that what's happening in a modern way right now has already happened in history. For it was not just the power and control that was sought after in earlier empires, but the ebb and flow of trade and the wealth that occured from it.

The King of Tyre continues in Frameworks V

Here is a link to whet your appetite