Wrestle Rock

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Wrestle Rock---A place of spirtual supply, strength, and combat.

Ephesians 6:12

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Mercy said "No!"

Prayer Warriors, Make Ready for battle, it is time!

This page is primarily for those who desire to set their hearts and minds to pray. While there are many things to pray for, we are asking those brothers and sisters who feel moved by God to do so, to help us pray over this ministry in its needs. We are willing and ready to lead the charge into the spiritual enemy's territory but we need your spirtual support. This is a real battle with real enemies. Enemies that attack our families, our situations, and even this very website. We pray that the blood of Jesus comes over this website, whether internal or external or even by computer or web means, and we pray a hedge of protection around it as well. We pray that more brothers and sisters make this website their own, and support it, spread it, and also spend some of their time and pray for it. We pray for all of the ministries that are associated with all of the answers and for all of the ministries that we support and our linked to it as well. We are in this together!

Part of this mininstry's goals is to bring many christian resources together into one place where the combined effect of the minsitry is very very powerful. One can put 1000 to flight, and two, can put 10,000 to flight. Yet, not only are we combining forces and forming a spiritual coalition against the enemy, we are willing to press into the enemies territory like Abraham did, when he went to get his son Lot back, after the enemy had taken Lot from him. It is time for Christian brothers and sisters to stand up and fight individually, collectively, and even as a whole, as the body of Christ is scheduled to be. A kingdom divided against itself will not stand.


Visit- Pray for the President

         Soundings of the Shofar - (A place for prayer warriors to stand!)



Prayer needs and issues for Ministry:


1. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

2. Pray for those in authority (Civil authority and Pastoral authority)

3. Pray For alloftheanswers volunteer staff including webmaster, editors, helpers, and those praying.

4. Pray for the covering of this ministry in the blood of Jesus.

5. Pray by the annointing, specific guidance, and protection of the Holy Spirit over this ministry

6. Pray for those that are praying to be covered by the blood of Jesus and his protection.

7. Pray for the launch of spirtual weaponry, spiritual projectiles and missiles into the enemy's territory.

8. Pray for the release of finances amongst God's people.

9. Pray for the wisdom of Solomon to fall among God's people.

10. We cast down all vain imaginations, and declare that every name is subject to the name of Jesus!

11. Pray for the equipping of the saints, the spreading of the gospel, and all needs and supply met.

12. Pray for boldness and kindness and love so that our lights might shine.


Intro into Warring Praise - Touching the Heart of God . . Let God Arise Medley - Paul Wilbur . .Days of Elijah Why we must support Israel ! Click here!

More about Paul Wilbur Ministries


Here are some other songs that may help with prayer.


1. To Him who sits on the throne

2. Piano instrumental Worship

3. Psalms 23 Instrumental

4. Amazing Grace Instrumental

5. Old Rugged Cross Instrumental

6. He touched me Instrumental

7. Be now my vision Instrumental

8. As the deer Instrumental

9. Agnues Dei- Michael W. Smith

10. The mission flute melody

11. Handels Messiah

12. Only in God - John Michael Talbot

13. I will sing, I will pray - Don Moen

14. Let your glory fall - Don Moen


Have you ever wondered about how to pray effective prayer? Have you ever wondered about how you can draw near to God in a closer relationship. Well here are a few links for you to help develop your prayer.


Great Bible Study Resource on Prayer!

How to have a prayer lifestyle.

Effective Prayer

7 strategies for effective prayer video 1, 2, 3


Prayer Room-Temporary

Jesus prayed and went into spiritual combat in the garden to resolve himself for the fight that was to come. Let us not fall asleep, let us be sober and awake for the enemy prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.