Frameworks V -The King of Tyre

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How does the ancient Kingdom of Tyre and the Prince of Tyre fit in today's present globalization strategies?

The first two videos on right are both great introductory background covering what is about to be covered here. Without this information discussed in the videos it might be difficult to for one to understand the present day news parallels that are going on even as we speak. Enjoy the Videos. ----------------->

Now Tyre over time before its demise was a great cosmopolitan metropolis of trade. It was essentially during that period the world's leading trading center. It had developed many business alliances, agreements, and exchange methods amongst the nations. Tyre without reservation considered herself as the "Queen of the seas". They were first nation-state to learn sea navigation via the stars. They were also famous for their royal purple dye and exchanged all sorts of goods with many nations.

I like how Phillip Judge of puts it. He speaks of ancient Tyre as being a great "trading hub" (see whole article). I agree with him completely. In fact just like him I see great similarities between ancient Tyre and toward the present world now and how it goes about conducting its business globally. Just like him I agree that the downfall of Tyre's civilzation and the downfall of this economy may be for similar reasons now.  Please review his article if you have not. (Yet, the intent of this article is heading in a completely different direction).

In the Bible Ezekiel chapter 27 specifically, if you read it you will see for yourself, how powerful and profuse Tyre's trade was, and the interactions of all its trading partners. In Ezekiel 28 you will see spelled out in the chapter where the roots of those flaws in this business world trade center were. They were basically the business skills leading to his wealth which then led to his pride. It does not have to happen to everyone, but to him, it did. Yet the different direction we are going in is in two things. One, In Ezekiel 28:11-16 you see an archetypal connection between Satan as a cherub in the garden of Eden.

This interesting connection ties the antichrist to the Prince of Tyre as the last video on right shows. -------------> I see specific connections of an extremely developed business and trade center, the antichrist, and the later King of Babylon who later besieged this Tyre and in effect swallowed her up into the world empire that Daniel spoke of in Daniel chapter 2. Daniel spoke of 4 world empires coming in the future the first of which would be Babylon which had swallowed up Tyre into itself. The following of course would be, Medo-Persia, Greece, and finally Rome as we discussed in both Frameworks III and Frameworks IV.

I believe and it is shown by history that aspects of an earlier kingdom including customs, cultural, and even spiritual aspects can get assimilated into the conquering later kingdom. So in this revived Roman Empire, as many have previously have said would be demonstrated in the feet of Nebuchadrezzar's Statue. Therefore the the Revived Roman Empire should also have an advanced trading center and system hub in it (as Phillip Judge alluded to).

In Daniel 7 It speaks of a beast with ten horns and Daniel was explained that this beast or final kingdom would have ten kings arise out of it. A king has a kingdom, and a kingdom has people and territory for a king to rule, supervise, and watch over. Out of these 10 kings, will another horn arise and displace three of those first 10 horns. There is also a distinct connection and similarity here occuring with Revelation 13 and the beast rising out of the sea, and the dragon with 10 horns with 10 crowns, yet only 7 heads.

Let's see, ten toes (Dan 2), ten horns (Dan 7 and Rev 13), and 10 crowns, (Rev 13). The ten toes are the divisions in the feet which the statue stands on. It was also said it would be a divided world kingdom (empire). The 10 horns are a symbol of power. Animals having horns will fight for their territory with their horns. The ten crowns are symbols of rule and authority.

Let's add this up Psalm 119:160. We have the first of these four world kingdoms throughout history swallowing up Tyre an established World Trading Center, as prophecied by more than one book in the Bible. Then after that we go through Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome. At this time we have the revived Roman Empire, but it is distguished by a mixture of fired clay and iron, which is a little different from the original Rome's texture as just Iron. Can you see now the connection between the World Trading System, with many World Corporations and Global governmental facilitating agencies put together right now a New World Order that was explained in detail in Frameworks IV? (There are probaly scores of other organizations involved which I did not mention as well which is coordinated by the United Nations Hub).

As was mentioned previously, 4 of these trading blocks or unions or states are already in existence, ie;(European Union, African Union, Mediterrenean Union, and the OAS or Organization of the American States (North American Union). A fifth toe in already in the works on the drawing board (the Asian Union). I wonder how many other of the remaing toes or six business groupings in the world will soon surface right before our eyes.

I find it coincidental that city of Tyre considered as the Queen of the Sea and said in Ezekiel to be destroyed in the midst of the sea Ezekiel 27:32-36 in the book of Ezekiel, and the Beast presented in Revelation 13 that rises out of the sea. Riding on the beast or dragon in Revelation 17:1 was a prostitute, a woman in scarlet, in this case it was Babylon, but the original Babyon swallowed Tyre remember?!!!. Tyre was told by God that he would allow Tyre to rise up again and prostitute herself among the nations by "her business". Isaiah 23:1-17 Also the guardian cherub in Ezekiel 28, the King of Tyre, an Archetype of the Dragon Satan, was punished for his violence and treachery used in business.

Let me say one thing in clarification, however, democracy in itself is not bad.  It is centered in a lot of good ideas such as equal rights for everyone. Let me say business in itself is not bad, and globalization and the working out of our worldly problems is not bad in itself. In fact it appears quite noble especially if we can get rid of several major problems for this earth at the same time. Quite frankly it sounds very good.

Yet, there is a missing element here and a critical one. That Jesus spoke of fallen angels and demons that were thrown out of heaven and they are on the earth Job 1:6-7 invisibly, and in the air. That is why Satan is called the Prince and power of the air. Ephesians 2:2, Ephesians 6:10-12 (By the way, thats why UFOs are not alien visitations, but demonic deceptions- see Frameworks I for details.) This missing element will take whatever good intentions that man may have for he world and pervert, twist, and destroy. The inward perceived good will eventually be led by the greed of some for money and power and control. (Money is not the root of all evil, but the love of money is.)

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Essential background History on the Ancient City of Tyre. Please watch both videos Carefully

The Prince of Tyre - Biblical Archetype



The Master Controller or Satan himself will come in a man's form and will come to the center stage of this already present and formed 10 kingdom area (regions, unions) buisiness hub will then play the incarnate Savior as he appears to finally save the world from its troubles, backs himself up with miracles and then creates a 7 year agreement between Israel and its enemies. He will then all of a sudden break the treaty 3.5 years into the agreement.

Yet during this first 3.5 years and the years leading up to the agreement this developing super giant business 10 regional hub will seem to everyone like a true gift from God. It will be so massive, so complete, so wonderful, that people will let go of their hesitations and go for it for it will be a tremendous solution to all of this wordly pain.

If you watch the last video of 4 up above these grouped hyenas will mass, attack, and finally steal these lion's food. You would think these big lions by their complaining against the hyenas attack alone would be enough to make the hyenas go away and let them continue in the prosperity of their catch. No, these hyenas through their massing actually steal the children's bread right out of their mouths! Perhaps they needed to do more than to just complain about what they saw going on to have any effect.

Perhaps, we as Christian's have to do more than just complain about what is going on and do more in the Spirit and in the physical realm, as one body, to prevent the hyenas from stealing our rights, freedoms, and prosperity as we know it. In the video the hyena's dancing and mesmerizing went on for quite a while and then in an instant what the Lion's had was gone.

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