Goat's Milk

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Proverbs 27:27 "There will be enough goat's milk for your food"


This is a place of hope for those who believe there is no hope. Just......


Reach out, Just turn around and

Hold on to God's Love - Moore's Chapel, Christine Spencer

Alive Again - Matt Maher 




Fragile, Vulnerable, Yet Displays Hints of Hopeful Dependancy

Pencil Drawing by J. Eberwein

Rudy, a blind goat, is able to make his way easily about his yard daily. Apparently tough in one way as all goats are tough, as part of its independent nature, displays yet a fragile, but calm dependency, on its master's love. It cannot see with its eyes but it knows its owner is always there for him. Because he knows his master is always there for him, he is relaxed and is able to rest in the knowledge that his master is there and that she cares. It is this special knowingness inside the goat that puts him at ease. "I cannot see my master, but I can sense my master's presence.  I know from all my experiences with my master that she takes good care of me.  I know, therefore, that everything is gonna be alright."

The Unpredictable Twists and Turns of Life

This life carries with it many surprises, twists, and turns. To some, things seem to turn out ok, but to others, they find themselves in places or situations that they cannot believe or even understand how they got to where they are. Sometimes, people feel as if hey have crossed over a line of no return or reconcilability. They feel, they have gone way to far, have done way too many bad things, or lived a lifestyle way too long to warrant even a drop of God's mercy or forgiveness or means, to stop doing what there doing.

I could name a few examples, but this is not for pointing fingers at, because most of those that read this will be able to fill in the blank, and if the shoe is fitting, then perhaps its time to get some help. Perhaps its time to look at what is going on in your life and examine the road your on. Does the road your on lead to further self damage, or benefit? Does it hurt those around you who love you most? Does it feel like you might be entrapped?

You see in the bible, God uses figurative language in parables or childlike stories to get his message across. In scripture you will find that a goat usually likes to transverse and live in places such as in high rocky places. They usually display a self confident and independence about themselves. This would be in comparison to its close relative, a sheep.

Yet, it only reflects a type of human behavior that one can express. It does not mean once a goat always a goat. Paul, for example, was a self confident, self righteous religious man, who took upon himself to murder and imprison those who called themselves Christians at that time. He was slaugtering the sheep that followed the Shepherd's voice until He himself heard His voice. He had been on his way to Damascus -(animated video) when he was knocked off his high horse, literally. Acts 9:1-18

Not everyone necessarily needs a major event like this to get them to reconsider their life path that they are presently choosing. Yet, usually when the road their on becomes so troublesome, or costly, or even so emotionally devestating, they can begin to be more open to God's help and mercy. It's unfortunate that this does occur, but some can be fairly headstrong in their ways, where it takes a drug overdose, car accident, divorce, bankruptcy, or even a state of homelessness, death, or some other tragedy of this magnitude , where the person begins to call upon God's help as they can no longer take themselves what their lifestyle has brought them.

Sometimes people can feel very lost and hopeless once they have come to this understnding and many believe that God won't hear them or accept them. Yet, watch this video on how Jesus treated a seasoned prositute, and how even though she was caught in the very act mercy and hope was still available to her in the midst of rejection (Mary Magdalene-Passion of Christ). Jesus said to Mary Magdalene, "Has no one condemmed you?" She said "No Lord". He then replied, "Neither do I condemn you, go, and sin no more". John 8:3-11



Sometimes we need to feel like we are in the arms of Jesus and everything is going to be alright. Here's a song that may reflect that.

In the arms of an Angel


Sometimes you find yourself in the arms of someone who has brought you out of the wreckage in this life and takes you to the inn so that you may be nursed gently back to health. It happened here in the New Testament. Luke 10:27-35



See also- Jesus Wept for more encouragement and help.


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