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The Gap Theory vs. The Young Earth Theory

Before we start examining these two theories, and their competitive differences, I would like first to mention that we will try to examine both sides of this coin fairly, and present to you the relevant facts. We want you also to understand that we are aware of the sensitivity of this subject, and recognize that we might step on someone's toes or pet beliefs. We also recognize, however, that God wants us to test all things, and to see if these things that are said in these theories are so. To see if and how much they line up with God's word. If your patient I believe you will be satisfied with what you have received upon reading.


Common denominators between both theories


The first thing that I would like to discuss is that regardless of what conclusions we draw from this examination is that God be glorified. That this be not an attempt of division but revision. Revision being in the sense that when we look at all the presented facts, and add them all up together, that the "The sum of thy word is truth"(Psalms 119:160). Meaning that, through the leading of God's Spirit, and the piecing of the clues of scriptural understanding together, we can arrive at the intended picture of truth on this important subject.

The next thing is to look at is, exactly just what is agreed upon and is considered to have no difference whatsoever between these two theories. Yes, we will get into each theory and what they mean momentarily, but for now, there will be below a short listing of these agreed similarities. The reason for this is to see what these important similarties are, and understand their relative application to us.


Common denominator list


1. That the Devil convinced one third of all the angels to go into rebellion with him and attempt to remove God from his throne and then to take his throne.

2. The result of this rebellion ended up that he and his fallen angel comrades were cast out from heaven and thrown down to the earth.

3. That Satan and his fallen angels are usually invisible to man and are in the spirit realm.

4. That their is satanic, fallen angels, and demonic influence on the earth creating havoc for this world even today.

5. Both theories directly acknowledge God's involvent in the creation as Creator as opposed to an unsupervised creation and evolution coming to us via the vehicle of chance.

6. That there were giant descendant beings, called Nephilim (excellent description), on the earth as a result of these fallen angels making love to the daughters of men.

7. Explanations for the dinosaur extinction, the ice age, and the geological column strata.

8. That it had been pre-planned by God to provide for us a Savior, that is his Son, as the means of reconciliation with Him, in our fallen condition from sin, as decendants of Adam.


These similarities help us to see later, that the main places where the theories differ is in the area of time. This timing difference is primarily found to be over the geolgical column strata, as to how long we have been here on the earth, and the astronomical data, as to how long did it take the universe to get to its resultant and present form.





Basic description of what the Gap theory is


The basic beliefs in the Gap theory are as follows:


1. That in agreement with the scientific view that the earth is billions of years old, the Gap theory states that there is a gap of time between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 This is where the billions of years of earthy development fits into .

2. The Gap theory or also known as the pre-Adamic theory, states that within this time frame the dinosaurs, prehistoric man, and the ice age all seem to fit in and explain the physical and scientific data that has been thus far collected.

3. In this gap of time is where the fallen angels along with Satan are said to have fallen to cause havoc on the earth to prehistoric man prior to Adam's creation.

4. It is also stated and believed that this is where the a pre-Adamic flood prior to Noah's flood indicating a first flood bring the state of the world to its "empty and void state", stated in Genesis 1.

5. It is stated that this flood caused the extinction of the dinosaurs and the earlier forms of man, prior to the second creation and Noah's flood.


These are the main tenets that are stated with the Gap theory. There is additional material, but these are the most pronounced. What we will do at this point is look at a couple of links that describe these ideas in a greater detail. Care to join me?


Here are the links:


Gap-1, Gap-2, Gap-3


Now, what we see here from these articles as main supports for this theory are the following:


1. That the earth "became (Hebrew meaning) void and without form" in Genesis 1:1

2. That the earth was created with plants and animals and non spiritual pre-adamic men prior to the fall of Lucifer. (Isaiah 14:12-17, and Ezekiel 28:12) It also means that there were two separate creations, the first being created in the gap of time between Genesis 1:1-2



3. In the following passage of scripture:
Jeremiah 4:23-26 it is considered as a primary line of scriptural support as it says that "I looked and beheld the world without form".


4. That this theory is based on the scriptures and the position held in geology(videos 1, 2), ie; ice age, and the snowball earth hypothesis. Along with this are the various theories proclaiming the reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs. 1, 2, 3

5. Evidence of primative man prior to Adam 1, 2, 3

6. Nephilim or giants on the earth was the direct result of fallen angelic beings choosing human women and having children. These angelic beings had long prior access to the earth and the universe prior to Adam's fall craftedly designed by Satan that ancient serpent. 1, 2, 3, 4

7. Specialized knowledge and technology may have been spread via these fallen angels demonstrated by many early civilizations, in their historical record, mythologies, up to and including potential tales of Atlantis, and alien visitations and interactions. (Not all Pre-Adamic entrustees believe this connection.) Links 1, 2, (videos 1, 2, 3, 4)

Awesome biblical videos offer a reason for these connections on this subject 1, 2, 3


For now we will move to the Young Earth theory and its basics. Later as this page develops we will compare the two theories strengths and weaknesses.


The Young Earth theory


Basic beliefs and tenets of the Young Earth Theory


The Young Earth Theory basically says that the creation of the earth and the universe was created as stated in Genesis 1:1-28 in a literal 6 day period. Some believe this time frame was about 6-10,000 years due to the following verse. 2 Peter 3:8

When Jesus fed the five thousand with two fish and five loaves, He was not only demonstating His compassion and mercy, but He also was creating new physical matter from starting matter. He did this very quickly and could have done it with no matter but He used the giving of the young lad's lunch. Matthew 14:13 Faith operates through love. Galatians 5:6

So basically, here in the Young Earth Theory, the earth did not evolve for billions of years, but came to be in a relative short period of time. Therefore the length of time for the deposition of fossils in the geological column and the distribution of the stars need to be adressed and explained in the Young Earth Theory. In fact, the Young Earth Theory always has long been accepted until scientific data in the late 1700s early 1800s appears to conflict with the bible. The Gap Theory, coined by Thomas Chalmers came to be as a theolgical response to the puzzling scientific data. Detailed explanation of geology's affects on the church.


First lets take a look at a few promoters of the Young Earth Theory and see what they have to say. I will put two sets of videos first and perhaps after that some important links.


Young Earth theory - Ken Ham (video about 30 minutes)

Ken Ham's website



Young Earth theory - Dr. Kent Hovind (almost two hours)

Dr. Hovind's website

Convenient return spots to view Young Earth presentation - 11 parts

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11


Or watch newer version in one setting ( 2.5 hours- great video)


Dinosaurs and the bible- Steve Wolfe Video



Upon watching those videos the level of physical evidence between the two for a quick creation of the earth versus a long drawn out one over billions of years was impressive. But now let's list a few of the most compelling data demonstrating the existence of a quick creation. I will link references to where I have heard of them or list references.


1. Polonium Halos - Nuclear decay in granite

Robert Gentry - has videos and documentation


2. Polystrate Fossils - (Photos) Fossils in many geological layers

video example, Extensive information on Polystrate fossils


John Pendleton's fossil video


Generally it is thought by geologist that geolgical column with index fossils took millions of years to form. Here is how Geologist and Paleontolgist look at the fossil record.


A. Geologic timetable

B. Index Fossils 1, 2, 3

C. Conflicts in Radiocarbon dating data

D. Inaccuracies Radio dating methods


3. Evidence of dinosaurs with man

A. Dinosaurs with man found in Art, (Actual Photos)

B. Dinosaurs with footprints of man.


4. Was the Grand Canyon formed quickly? 1 ,2, 3

. John Pendleton's Noah's flood video (info on Grand Canyon)

. Tar pit formation - flood

5. Magnetic field around earth is young

6. Not enough Supernovas

7. More evidences of a Young Earth

. Other good articles discussing Young Earth- Answers in Genesis


My personal two tuffies to resolve for a young earth were

1. Astronomical age

2. Placement of the Ice Age


As far as Astronomical age you can go to Jim's World to get gist on that, where several articles collectively show how God strectched out the universes dimensions and star placement, faster than time.


More to come ... page still in construction























Final Thoughts and Conclusions * Jim's TBN TV appearance on Book