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A guide to Christian and Secular Entertainment!

Job 8:21 "21 He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with a shout of joy." (Holman)


The Cross - a 40 Year Journey Arthur Blessitt - In theatres March 25, 2009. . .

Theory of Everything - Christian Cinema


David Ferrell


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V for Vendetta
From Hollywood's War on God: What you will not hear from the main-stream media.

d-Con for Humans
From Hollywood's War on God: The spiritual poison of the Da Vinci Code.

The Da Vinci Con
From Hollywood's War on God: The effects of The Da Vinci Code.

The Matrix
From Hollywood's War on God: Does The Matrix consist of a Christian message?

Explode the Code Conference
From Explode the Code Conference: Introduction

Movie Stars and Gnosticism
From Explode the Code Conference: The Gnostic Matrix

Kirk Cameron's Response
From Explode the Code Conference: Kirk Responds to the National Geographic "lie"

Shroud of Turin - Documentary

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Homosexual Agenda - "For the bible tells me so"

Commentary on above secular films


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What is a hot button issue in the church today is divorce and the institution of marriage. Here is an early review of the film "Why did I get married" being released in November. Christian Movie Reviews will be posted soon.

The Homosexual agenda is at it again with this soon to be released Micheal Moorish type documentary "For the bible tells me so". Already seen by many it is slated to released in select theatres October 19th. If you disagree with the scripture, Movie Director Daniel Karslake uses theologians to in some way try and discredit God's Word. The next election could put leaders in place that would criminalize free speech for those who believe in preaching the scriptures of God. Here is an early look at what the documentary attempts to disseminate. The new catch phrase is "intolerance". Homosexuality is a deviant lifestyle in which many are recruited gradually through childhood exposure via molestation or same sex pornography. See former homosexuals speak out. See Venus publisher former Gay Activist Charlene Cothran renounce her former sexual orientation. We would not tolerate pedophilia yet a great number are brought into the lifestyle through it. Many who were molested as children also wind up in the sex industry including prostitution and porn films. Let's not take lightly the lies that the enemy is promoting through film and television. God loves gay people and desires that they, just like all of us could all come into the position of God's mercy.