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Zechariah 10:2 (New Living Translation)

Household gods give false advice, fortune–tellers predict only lies, and interpreters of dreams pronounce comfortless falsehoods. So my people are wandering like lost sheep, without a shepherd to protect and guide them.

Warning about where these books and movies take our children . . . . . . Harry Potter Exposed . . .. . . More Input by Carol Matrisciana . . . . . . . . .

Frameworks, the primary beams of the infrastructure explained.
There are 5 separate components that make up the picture that you see above. Four of the individual components you can see, and there is one which is the most important, of which you cannot see. Read more on Frameworks III

Halloween, Tame, Insane, or to Blame.

There are many who think and believe, really believe, that Halloween is a harmless celebration aimed at releasing inner urges of evil so as to tame us down sort to speak. It's all in fun, right?! As long as no one gets hurt, it's just a night to go out and have fun, get blitzed, and enjoy yourself. The kids get candy and the adults get a little more.

Few, however, are aware of how Halloween found its way into America and how it was established in our culture. Many are quite oblivious to whats really going on behind the scenes and are just satisfied with enjoying another well deserved holiday of fun. We work hard as American's and we play hard. Halloween is just one of these expressions right?

If we look at a verse such as Ephesians 6:10-12 we can now look at this holiday from a different and lesser viewed perspective. For these verses in the bible discuss that there is a hidden battle going on, invisible, and behind the scenes. A battle that is going on between God, and the devil, between good and evil, and that we must be careful not to just assume that nothing is going on behind the curtain of physical reality.

In this perspective we see that Halloween takes on a whole different role. Yet, before we explore this, let's take a historical tour of the origins of Halloween in the following video. It is a video that looks at Halloween from a neutral viewpoint, but the video itself is very informative on the origins and history of Halloween.

I find it even more interesting when we look at it again in the framework flow perspective as suggested in the article called the framework of flow found in the toes. You see a nice display of the interconnectivity between cultures and religions. You are able to observe the patterns of migration, flow, and adaptation throughout time as it arrives in each subsequent culture.

Enjoy the video.

So is it just a holiday that has come to be stuck with us to let us express ourselves in ways we normally don't do, and is relatively harmless? Or are there unhealthy remnants from orgins that are occultly more sinister than just "Trick or Treat". Are there witches or satanist that get together and pray against pastors and priest in the church, in the attempt to hinder the church? If this occurs that does not sound harmless and innocent to me.

If one does not believe in heaven or hell or the devil, then they would be unawares that they would be joining in a celebration of a dark day, where the elevation of ghoules, demons, and devils, are mixed, with fairies, angels, and other kinds of costumed characters. A fun celebration, but one that may very well be a joint celebration of a human participant along with the demons that are behind the construction of this tradition.

If we look at the origins of Halloween a little closer, the history behind the Jack O' Latern, the truth that Satanist and witches are praying on Halloween, and many other issues, these lead one to begin to wonder and question whether or not one should participate. Yes, its hard to turn away from the apparent benefit of candy that the children amass, but if these things are occuring is it wise to join in? Is it ok for some in church to celebrate another holiday like fall festival and give out candy in order to move their children away from the dark side of halloween? These are important questions to think about, and to ask ourselves about.

Some holidays while having a pagan begining such as Christmas, we find that the end result of that holiday leads us to honor Jesus and his birth. Yet, who is Halloween honoring when we participate in that? In the New Testament there is a verse that speaks of how we should think about things, Philippians 4:8

If a group of teenagers go out partying, and during that party, one of them decides they want to rob a bank, and the others go just to watch to see if he can pull it off just for the fun of it, will those watchers bear some blame? Might they be considered accomplices? Just being present with the wrong crowd at the wrong time, can it bring trouble to oneself?

Can participating in a day that is used to summon, pray to, and honor those dark forces of this earth, even in fun, can it possibly bring trouble to oneself as well? Can it make one more susceptible and receptive to the occult as if one is being primed for it? These questions and information above should at least stir one up to give this issue a second look. Would you agree?


Repackaging of Pagainism in America



Hour of the Witch - Christian site exploring Harry Potter and Witches.

Whitehorse - Witchcraft Issues, Harry Potter good or evil


The following is a preview article of the upcoming FRAMEWORKS II and III which are now in developement.

Next up, in phase 2 we will be dealing with the questions: What is the true nature of ghosts, haunted houses, psychics, and mediums, quija boards, tarot cards and more. Are the occult arts related to the nephalim? Where did the occult arts originate? What harm can they do? Are there parrallels in ancient Egypt? Is earth mythology really related to these mysterious nephalim? What is the true nature of astrology? We intend to demonstrate exactly how all of these things work. Among those things that will be established is the way in which familiar spirits trick people into believing in demon imposters. Demons orchestrate hauntings and apparitions, and even move objects. How does this work and how is all of this related? Again like before, there are real hauntings and imagined.


Resources & Links

On Ghosts and Psychics

Ghosts - A Biblical Theory to Explain Hauntings
ByEric J. Landquist

A site that exposes demon imposters!


Aliens, Monsters, and Creepy Creatures - Berit Kjos





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