Frameworks 666 - A Mark of Precision and Decision

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Will You decide to accept this Mark or will you hold on tight to the Word of God?

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The 153 Fish in the Gospel of John 21

Now I know you must be wondering if you watched the video, what does Jesus after the ressurrection, when he appeared to them at the beach, and had a breakfast of bread and fish with them , that he personally cooked and prepared for them over an open coal fire, has anything to do with the mark. Well directly it does not. Yet when you begin to see this about this in more detail, it should make good sense soon enough.

If you search in a concordance for the number 666 you will find very few entries. Let's do it right now ---Click here for 666 in concordance. As you can see there is very little. 1 is in Revelation, and two are speaking of Solomon's gold in the number of talents he received yearly. Two are speaking of Adonikam. What I find uniquely interesting is that one Adonikam has 666 as a value, and the other Adonijah is 667. It appears these names may have been interchanged with each other based on this concordance entry. One is found in Ezra, the othe found in the Book of Nehemiah. Both names are found as returning groups of Israelites reedeeming themselves from the error of foreign wives and the begginings of the rebuilding of the temple. Notice verses Neh 10:16 and 10:30. Regardless Adonijah tried to rise up and take the thrown as he was the next in line by lineage of children standards. Adonijah tried to use the fact that David was old to seize the throne for himself, but God loved Solomon and he was to be on the throne. Regardless both of these were of those being redeemed from the foreign wives problem in Israel that cause Israel's fall. The root of this was Solomon who went after the foreign wives.

An interesting sidepoint is that Rahab was the prostitute that helped Israel at Jericho, later married Salomon who Fathered Boaz who was married to Ruth the Moabitess a foreign daughter in law as Kinsman-Redeemer. They Father Obed who Fathered Jesse who Fathered David. Solomon was the second son from Bathsheba who was wrongly taken by David. Yet Solomon was loved and chosen by God to reign and rule in the temple. It seems there is alot of seeding and interplay of God's mercy and love in the lineage leading toward Jesus as Savior who not only becomes the Messiah and Savior of Israel, but when Jesus chooses Paul who was murdering Christians was converted at the Road of Damascus and now became a vehicle and instrument for God's love and mercy to be extended over to the gentiles as our Kinsman-Reedeemer. Perhaps Rahab's help to Israel at Jericho, a gentile, help to open a window in heaven for God to recriprocate to us. Yet God saw Rahab even before He had Israel move out to even spy on Jericho.

So 666 for sure has to do with rebellion, and its connected to gold. Now the business that Solomon did with Hiram the King of Tyre a relationship started with David may have led to the beggining of compromise. Regardless all of Solomon's gold and other treasures was swallowed up into Nebuchadrezzar's world empire.

Now, let's look at Solomon's seal and we will see another potentially strong connection to 666, and to the mark itself. To do that we are going to briefly revisit a couple of things.

We know the star of David prior to its use as Israels flag emblem has been used throughout many cultures and has had some connections with the occult.




Star of David -Cultures

We know it has had connections with Astrology

Star of David Astrology-Star of Repham

We know it has connections with Astarte-Istar-Queen of heaven

Solomon Astarte-Queen of heaven

Star of David connections with Kabbalah

Star of David -Kabballah- Saturn- Video




Hopefully it has been established for you between now and the previous page Frameworks 66 that the Star of David which even though it has been adopted as the flag emblem of Israel, it has earlier origins. Again this is not to bring any shame on Israel or to speak against Israel. This is for educational purposes with respect to spiritual events.

What I would like you to look at is the geometric patterns here. We are going to look at component patterns and what you will begin to see are numerical patterns that connect into the star of David/Seal of Solomon and the number 666.

First, however I would like to discuss a little bit a man in history who was called the father of numbers. His name is Pythagoras. Historically he is responsible for much to do with our geometry specifically the triangle. His Father was a merchant from Tyre, and eventually Pythagoras was schooled in Egypt and in Babylonian ways. Please click here for a few introductory links on him and then enjoy a video in upper right column.

The reason why we are spending time on him is he is the first to truly articulate and speak clearly about geometry and its works. While other civilizations were already using principles of geometry in their architecture, he was the first to clearly specify the things that people were doing mathematically. Higher mathematics developed which than spread out into the sciences.

Please read carefully the information presented on him as his mathematics and mystical thinking did indeed eventually find its way into sacred geometry, etc. When we begin to look at the hexagram more closely with respect to numbers you may see a greater underlying pattern begin to emerge.


General history of Pythagoras

Life of Pythagoras- great link!

Life of Pythagoras written by a historian of his time- Excellent read and detail!!!


He came up with the concept of triangular numbers and square numbers. He is also responsible for the pythagorean theorem. If you wish here is a short video on it to explain it, but it is not necessary for this discussion. What I do want you to begin to see is his belieft that everything is related to and describe with numbers. Espescially in nature. He also started an educational organization that was like a commune and was considered one of the first to start a monastic type of life and one of the first to begin with secret kind of societies.

Pythagorean theorem video


Introduction to fractals

Intro to Fibonacci sequence

Sacred Geometry -Notice connection to Kabballa and Star of David


The three links after Pythagorean's video were posted not so much to demonstrate what Pythagoras was responsible for, but rather to also show a visual connection to geometry, mathematical sequence, which will lead to a geometric art in the world called sacred geometry. Indeed God has revealed to us his presence and handiwork in these designs. Yet there are those who, connect this more to a metaphysical, new age-gish, kabbalah, kind of God. This trend in the world will soon become greater and more captivating as time goes on. This will also grow and interconnect as the new world religion develops and interconnects different people of faith.

After you watch the video on upper right, we are going to get into how the triangular mumbers work and how numerically when you begin to look at the star of David, Solomon's seal, the hexegram you will see more of a mathematical conectivity to 666, and even 153, 360, and 10. As you begin to see these correlations it is not difficult to believe that his emblem the hexagram may be used by the antichrist as ameans to create peace with the other nations round about who also have had historical use of this emblem in their cultures.

Go to upper right column now!



The Church's Role In These End times


Upon viewing all of the videos and articles on these pages and the pages proceeding you should have a much better picture of the world and times that we are living in. Jesus said to the Pharisees. (Paraphrase) You know how to interpret the signs of the weather, but do ypu know how to interpret the signs of the times. Weather stations now have high tech doppler systems that can increase the warning on tornadoes and severe storms by giving them the ability to see the swirlling inside the clouds before a funnel forms. There interpretations of these signs saves hundreds of lives. However, if the signs of the times are correctly interpreted , these signs can save millions. One that does not perceive the storm that is coming cannot properly prepare for it. Some can ignore the signs like we have seen people staying in areas that were known to be flooded even though they were given advanced warning. There may be a few years to come or even decade or two but we are fairly close to this storm system of a global empire to hit. Will the church be ready? Will you be ready? Find out more in up and coming Frameworks 7 -Stay tuned


In the meantime watch how these snakes sneak up on their unsuspecting victim. Very, very, very slowly. Then Bam!!! The victims breathing room is lost once the coils set in.


Snake and Chick

Snake and Guinea Pig

Anaconda vs. Man



Pythagoras the Father of Numbers

Now that you have a general history on Pythagoras and how regular geometry got connected with Kabballah and Sacred Geometry please watch this intro video on triangular numbers. Once you understand this video we can get into the good stuff.

Triangular numbers -Great Video!


Now that you understand how triangular numbers work, ( If you skipped the video, please go back and watch it.), we can now see more clearly how these patterns connect with the number 666. If you look at the first link briefly and observe you will see 666 is a triangular number! In fact it is the largest triangular number that uses the same digits.

List of triangular numbers- Notice 666

Pythagoras discovered something important about numbers and music. He discovered that music ratios all had to do with the varying triangular numbers from 1 to 4. In fact he considered that the first 1 -4 trangular numbers contained eveything with in them with respect to music and to the Cosmos (Pythagoras and the pythagoreans, Kahn, pg. 32). These first four triagular numbers aof course add up to the number value of 10.

Another interesting feature is you can keep adding these triangular numbers up. When you add up the numbers from 1-17 you get, drum roll please...., the number 153! Other numbers of interest- as well.

What some Early Church Fathers thought of the number 153 

-Now observe below the connective patterns in the simple mathematics of number 18.


18 * 2 = 36.

36 * 10 = 360.

1+2+3 =6

2*3 = 6

3*6 =18 



Here is the kicker. If you add up all the numbers from 1-36, you get ie; 1+2+3+...36= 666!!! So 666 is not only connected to 36, but if you add up the triangular number 36 you also get 666. There is definitely an obvious mathematical connection here.

We're not done yet. If you multiply 36* 10 = 360 which is the number of degrees in a circle. A triangles' angles add up to 180 degrees which then would allow two equilateral triangles to sit inside a circle hence the star of David pattern. This pattern fitting into the Metatron Cube which itself fits into the flower of life sacred geometry art pattern. Kaballah's Tree of Life is also found inside of Metatron's cube. Don't ask me to say that again. Ha!

Who is Metatron? Very important video!! Warning: Only watch up to 6.07 minutes of this video as it switches from informational to more a more esoteric style and is not needed for you to understand what is going on here.

Notice now how the star of David (Seal of Solomon) the Hexagram fits into all of this.

1. Star of David in General

2. Star of David Animation- Neat!

3. Star of David 666

Can you visualize in your mind a form of the Seal of solomon, the hexagram, two up and down triangles surrounded by a 360 degree circle enclosed in the two sets of 3 sided triangles which are in opposite directions , one up and one down, each one representing the male and the female energy where 360 is the total pie of 10 pieces or ten toes of the world empire's circle of power, which has been derived from 6*6=36 or 18*2=36.

Now lastly here is the interesting thing. Jesus in John 21 was giving the command to Peter to watch over his lambs and sheep, but only after they had eaten the bread and fish breakfast. He told them "Children, Have you any fish? After they responded no, he said for them to "cast the net on the right side" and the net, the vehicle used in the capture, was full of fish. After they came ashore, Peter went back to the fish and hauled the net in after Jesus said for them to "bring him some." They brought a total of 153 of them. For over thirty years I have been intriqued by this number. Why 153, why is it important to know the number of fish? The story would have been just as good without us needing to know the specific number. So why did the Holy Spirit indicate this to us through John?

Jesus told Peter once, you were once fisherman, but I will make you fishers of men. Matthew 4:18-20 , Habakkuk 1:14 They brought some of the catch and then they ate what Jesus already was cooking over the fire. The fish were absorbed into their bodies upon there eating of them and are they not part of the body of Christ. It is very possible that these fish represent the number of nations where men will come from as the gospel of the kingdom spreads. As men will be caught up into the kingdom of God as the net of the Holy Spirit catches men, like at a Billy Grahamn crusade during an altar call.

Now Just as there is a fishing harvest of men wit the gospel upon after being absorbed they will be lambs and sheep that must be fed and tended to, then as they learn to lay down their life and abide in the vine with the ultimate goal of being full pledged son's and daughter's star descendants of Abraham. So too, the enemy is looking for a harvest and a catch. Using things like books, movies, music, drugs, alcohol, and many other devises including the inter- net as his net and vehicle to capture the minds and souls of men and women and young ones as well. There is a division and gathering process going on even now as we speak.

So there on an average between 189 and 195 total nations on the earth right now. Yet if we look at the member nations presently connected to the WTO or World Trade Organization we have a coincidental nation member number of --you guessed it -- of 153. Sounds like the King of Tyre may have his trading strategy all worked out as part of his net-work .

Another interesting side point ito thnk about is Pythagoras's name. The syllable "agora" means to speak, to market, or is an open place of assembly. If the syllable Pyth- comes from the same word as python, then his name would mean "the serpent speaks". Apollo by myth killed python the serpent. Pythagoras was considered potentially as Apollo's son. Pythagoras also made statements of the following. "There are men, and there are god's, and there are those like Pythagoras"

So as you can see Solomon's falling into the foreign woman trap, after he was warned by God not to do it, cost himself, his offspring and eventually Israel dearly. His involvement with the paganism of Moloch, Astarte, the occult, and even possibly magical rituals appears to have seeped down to us via the talisman of the hexagram. This hexagram generically has been involved in many other cultures as well, and seemed to get passed to Solomon via Egypt, Sidonia, or both. Regarless, the emblem we see on Israel's flag may have been placed there for nobel reasons at the time, but the hexagram's history (Solomon's Seal) appears to be connected with the occult. The question is will it be used again (or some variation thereof) through magical illusions as discussed in Frameworks I, to deceive Israel and the world into a world religious union. It looks good on the surface, but so did the forbidden fruit to Eve, and the attractive wiggly tail of the snake video's (up above on left) prey. The next question is will you be one of those caught in the net of illusion or the net of truth? We do have a free will you know, and we do have the right to choose. Choose wisely!

See article to your left in the left column as far as what this means for the church.