Frameworks 6 - The Mark: The Seal unto Perdition

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Rev 13.16 - He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads,

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Most of us have heard about the mark , about it possibly being a stamp, a barcode, or a even a chip, but there are some who do not realize how significant the choice will be if we choose to receive the mark. There are many that do not realize how there is a designed slow conditioning process for us to willfully and with open arms receive that very mark. Some professing Christians will receive the mark as well. Why?

Rev 13:16 says" He causes.. " When you think of this your mind wants to think He forces.. Indeed he will if necessary. Revelation 20:4 Yet, the word cause only points to the fact that he makes it occur.  It does not explain exactly or by what means that he causes. A skillful hunter can cause its victim to be ensnared, entrapped, or entangled. The trick is finding the right kind of bait. It is this enticing bait that causes the unknowing victim to willfully and even eagerly receive the bait. If the snare is perceived it is of no use. Proverbs 1:17

Watch Lions Teamup and Trick Impala


Watch a snake use its tail like a worm to entice and bring its prey within striking distance! (video-click here)

One of my favorite movies as a kid was the movie Pinnochio where Pinnochio was enticed by the fox to not go to school but rather go to Pleasure Island for a great time but what happens after they get to Pleasure Island?(Watch Video 1) He finds himself in the middle of a trap.  What looked great at first ended up a deception.  Proverbs 6.5 Proverbs 1.17

It is a very good illustration of how there are many things in this life designed to entice, lure, and capture our attention but not all things will lead to a good end result. A very interesting point is first here is that he first put aside what his conscience was telling him about the matter and listenced to the inviting words of fun promised to him instead, but eventually there was a price to pay!

In 1 Timothy 4:1 The Bible here speaks of a time (the latter days-which is now) that some will fall away from the faith by yielding to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons. A doctrine is a teaching and to be seduced is to be enticed and lured away from the correct path of doing things. But what some fail to see or believe is that there are real demon entities or creatures, specifically fallen angels, in the spirit realm that are actually creating these teachings and seducting people into them and enticing them away from holding on to the sure and tested promises of God Psalms 119:140.

What would be few good examples of the kinds of seductions that are going on today? How about some of the music that is out there gambling, gentleman's clubs, drugs, greed, food, and many others. But when we get into the teachings that are out there there is a whole host of opinons, beliefs, mindsets, concepts, and truths, that are specifically designed by the enemy to pull one away from the simple gospel, good news, and prescious promises speaking about that Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and is our only means of getting to the Father. John 14:6 , Acts 4:12

There are many other ways of enlightenment, and many other roads offered out there to obtain spirtual freedom and peace within oneself. There are those who are proclaiming that we are all worshipping the same God any way so let us get together and worship God together. Should we follow that line of thought or teaching or should we stand by the truth of what Jesus declared as the Son of God? Why did God separate the Jewish people out from the other nations? Why were they told many times by God not to intermingle and intermarry with the other nations? Because the great "I am" (Exodus 3:1-14 , John 8:54-59 ) was concerned about the mixture of beliefs being intertwined with what He had given His people so as to compromise the position in their hearts and follow after other gods that were not God.

God foreknew that this would counteract His plan of a close and even intimate spiritual relationship with his people. God treasured his relationship with Israel and has even referred to his people Israel as his wife and He the husband. Isaiah 54:1-5 So too Jesus has referred to his people, the church, as his bride.

See below two great videos, the first on Moses and God speaking from the burning bush and declaring himself "I AM" , Exodus 4:1-11 then on the second video see Jesus say "Before Abraham was "I AM". Jesus was not just another prophet or teacher, He was declaring himself much greater than this! Who do you say that He is? Is he just another prophet or good teacher? Is he a false prophet? Is he just a concoction of man's thinking? Or is He is who He declared himself to be?

Things On The Surface Are Not Always As They Seem To Be


The Seal of Solomon


In earlier Hebraic culture it was customary that the Fathers would arrange marriages for their sons. The wife played a lesser role in that arrangement. Usually a gift or dowry was made to the father of the daughter by the father of the son. It was also a common custom in ancient cultures for daughters to be given to a king as part of a marriage alliance to create a deeper relationship between the two kingdoms. The two cultures somewhat bonded together like family. It served to create a better stability between the two kingdoms including business and trade Here are a few examples of this; (Persian-Mede alliance, Greek, Egyptian).

It was also customary for the lesser king in the cementing of this alliance to offer the gift of his daughter to the greater King. In the Bible you can see this interesting exchange occur between the Egyptian Pharoah and King Solomon in the verses 1 Kings 3:1-15. This reveals an interesting dynamic as Egypt at one time did not give wives in this manner but only received them as they were the dominant culture. It is also interesting to note that this occurred before God appeared to Solomon to ask him what he wanted (check verse link out) when God blessed him.

From chapter 3 in 1 Kings Solomon occupies himself with the work of building the temple, the house for the Lord, and the Kings palace, where Solomon was to live. The temple took seven years to complete 1 Kings 6:37-38 and then his palace took another 13 totaling 20 years of construction 1 Kings 9:10 going to midway of his 40 year reign. When he finishes the temple he dedicates it to the Lord with prayer in the assembly of Israel. 2 Chronicles 6:1-42 God is glorified but speaks back to Solomon and sets conditions of blessing that there will be a continuous dynasty or lineage of kings that would forever be on the throne in Israel. God also spoke of what would happen if he allowed himself to go after other gods or if his successors did the same. 2 Chronicles 7:8-22

If you have read these verses you will see just by what you are observing today in the news and in world history, this word did come to pass as God said it would. Solomon and some of his successors did fall away from God. But how did they do this, this is shown in the following verses. 1 Kings 11:1-11 So basically, Solomon had marriage alliances with many foreign wives and also had concubines. This led to the kingdom of Israel splitting first into two nations, Israel and Judah. This was followed shortly therafter by the invasion of Assyria into the northern kingdom of Israel of 10 tribes and the Babylonian Empire swallowing the kingdom of Judah consisting of two tribes.

Solomon was deeply attached to these foreign princesses which are daughters of kings. Solomon became rich and had fame and the Kindom of Israel became the dominant culture. God had caused Solomon to prosper, and many came from all over to hear the wisdom of Solomon. 1 Kings 10:23 In fact, the Queen of Sheba as other kings was so impressed she came on a special visit with many gifts. God had lifted Solomon up so greatly that the kingdoms around honored him. Yet, God had instructed him not to intermarry with daughters of foreign nations. It was also already written in the books of Moses as well. Deuteronomy 7:1-4

So the question to ask is why did Solomon come to the conclusion it would be ok to do this. He knew about the story of Samson and how Delilah seduced him into giving up the secret of his strength which was in his hair. He had to internally think this through. Somehow in his reasoning process he determined it would be ok and somehow he could manage it. So he thought and believed. He must have thought these alliances would be good for he had such a good relationship established with Hiram the King of Tyre who had helped him build the temple and palace, and a better relationship already with the king of Egypt.

It was politically a good move and he had all this honor and fame and people were bringing him gifts after gifts. In Proverbs it talks about your gift will make room for you, and Jacob had sent a series of gifts to Esau in the attempt to soften and perhaps mend the broken relationship. In effect Solomon was almost if not a King of Kings in a cemented world full of alliance and heightened trade. Everything continued to go great until his wives whom he was deeply attached to and love began to make certain requests of him.

Now most men want to please their wives at least somewhat and some do more. Its hard to turn the one you love down, espescially when they give you that puppy dog look of charm saying, can you do this for me....Look at how God used Ester's beauty and closeness with the king in the book of Esther to prevent Israel from being destroyed. It only took a gentle whisper in the king's ear. It kind of reminds me of the Song from Bread of "Sweet Surrender"

Let's look briefly at the slow steps of Solomon's fall. First, Hiram, King of Tyre, which was one of the worlds leading center of trade (Frameworks V), heard that Solomon was now King of Israel. King David and Hiram already had a positive relationship as David had Hiram bring supplies to Israel for the future temple to be built by Solomon. When Hiram sent word to restablish the relationship Solomon began getting more supplies and bringing skilled craftsman to buld this temple in a return trade for food and later towns. This was an agreed upon trade relationship. Nothing wrong with that. This business and kingdom friendship went on for 20 years.

Secondly, Hiram brought gold and other things on ships for himself and Solomon. Solomon later had ships built as well and in a friendly joint business venture to Ophir for gold and other goods. This would tend to cement a greater trading relationship. All of this apparently still good.

Thirdly, he already had a marriage alliance established with Egypt through Pharoahs daughter as a gift to Solomon. She has been married to him now for a few years. He is receiving talents of Gold amongst other goods at the rate of 666 talents a year. (By the way here is the connection of 666 and gold to Solomon. Remember Babylon the first world kingdom -of gold, swallowed up Isreal. 666 is only used 3 other places in the Bible, and one of them is in Revelation.)

Solomon has great fame, great riches, and also begins to intermarry more and fall in love with many foreign wives. Solomon was not a stranger to love and sex for he seemed to be a greater Cassanova then Cassanova was. Disco, text messaging, dating, online dating and social networking might have been used quite frequently if he had been alive today.   If you do not believe me just read the Song of Solomon. Nothing wrong with that but, perhaps, some of these foreign women were stirring up his sexual desires in ways he did not understand, after all they were from pagan countries that seemed to celebrate sex and promiscuous-ness freely. Perhaps the relationships and attachments were also being cemented in his soul in ways he did not understand, like liquid slowly fingering its way through the ground.

I just came from a Christian wedding and saw the uniting of two different people and their families and their cultures. One thing the marrying Pastor said was that this marriage covenant was being sealed forever. Solomon spoke in the Song of Solomon of the Shulamite woman , his lover, requesting him to have herself to be placed as a seal over his heart. Song of Solomon 8:5-7 There is was and is a bonding process that occurs in marriage and people do not realize how deep the bond is until a death occurs or it ends in divorce. This oneness and bonding appears to be cemented by the God's gift of sexual intamacy and through our words and our actions.

Now as time goes on "the honey do list" becomes more personal. Things like "Oh you don't have to worship my god, just sit with me awhile" . As the process continues Solomon begins to make more and more of these little compromises until he now is allowing his wives to worship their God. ("Why do you let her spend time with her gods, and you don't allow me to worship mine? Don't you love me like you lover her"?) Little by little by little Solomon was being entrapped and being squeezed on like a python or boa constricter snake squeezes the life out of his prey. He was entrapped between pleasing his wives and pleasing his God. Galatians 1:6-9 His sweet surrender was costing him more than he realized. He was bound by covenant and contract. So much so that he became enticed into the paganism himself and began to worship them himself.

Now for those of you that want the nitty gritty, down to earth rubber meets the road, peddle to the metal, details about this mark .

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Please be prayed up. As you proceed you will see more clearly what is soon to come upon this world. But we are not to be caught unawares for we are chldren of the day and not of the night.

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Moses and Burning Bush

Jesus saying Before Abraham was I AM

This addresses the fact that God considers our interaction with Him a relationship not a religion. Just as in any relationship to grow and strengthen you have to spend time with it and build it up. One needs to stay relatively focussed on that relationship and not become easily distracted by other people or things or one may find themselves drifting apart or even worse forming other relationships which could be detrimental and in many cases today end the relationship in this microwave fastfood high expectation society.

So why am I speaking on this and not on the mark yet, well in reality I already am. Mark my words, what is happening even now and as we speak is that there is movement towards sides going on like the separating process of the chromosomes in mitosis splitting apart from one another, so is there a galvanizing of thought going on in our world. Yet this globalizing galvination is not 50/50 spread. It is partly based on the presented needs of the world for the new world order to take place and the religious lines of thought will also be addressed.

In Proverbs Solomon writes about two women; the woman of wisdom, and the loose woman.  The woman of wisdom represents people receiving God's guidance and the loose woman represents prositute who through her charm and flattering words enticed the person litening to her.  What he does is wander, from one place to another, and during the time of twighlight which is a state between light and darkness, a mixing of the two if you will.  She goes out to meet him and she kisses him and then continues to lure him into her perfumed bed with Egyptian linen.

She goes out to meet him!   He wanders at the time of twightlight she hunts him down and intercepts him.  She has a seducing spirit, and with the words that flow out of her mouth into his itching ears she pulls him into adultery.  She makes him feel good and wanted and strokes his need of companshionship and acceptance.  The hormones flow and he gets sucked into to her attractive agenda and now has agreed to walk with her.  He does not know that he is being set up and entrapped. 

He does not weigh the costs because the feelings inside were clouding his judgement and like being under the influence he continues along with his guard down.  Samson lost his eyes and even his life upon listening to the sweet beckonings of his foreign wife Delilah.  Perhaps Adam was enticed a bit by a look and a few bats of the eye by Eve to get him to eat the forbidden fruit as he attempted to please her.  Samson was warned by his parents not to take a foreign wife and they in turn had been instructed by God, just like the rest of Israel not to take foreign wives, for God knew those that did would be led and lured away from devotion to Him.

It is interesting that Solomon in the 3000 proverbs wrote about this for he himself later fell away from God and did not follow God because his 700 wives, many of which were foreign had ended up leading him away from following God completely.  He ended up first allowing them to worship their god's and finally building altars for them and participated in worship himself to these foreign gods.  Do you think God was a little disappointed by this, perhaps even a little jealous! 

This departure from God led to the breaking apart of Israel into two nations and finally after being warned by prophets sent by God led to Israel's demise.  First the Northern Kingdom which was taken by the Assyrians and then the Southern kindom later by King of Babylon, the first world empire spoken of in Daniel 2.  God did not allow this to happen during Solomon's lifetime in respect to his Father David and His covenant, but said to Solomon this kingdom would be torn from him after he was gone.  

So what did really happen?  How does this fit into the antichrist, the mark, and the number 666?  Well this and more will be discussed in the right column here under the article.  The Seal of Solomon.