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Wind and water erodes rock as a distorted perception erodes wisdom

The book of Revelation speaks about a church called Laodicea. The predominant characteristic associated with it was the term "lukewarm" which is a mixture of water that is cold and hot. Revelation 3:14-21 The seven churches not only have been described as specific churches of the early church geographically in a circle in Asia-Minor or present day Turkey, but also has been described as the church throughout different times or ages. The Laodicean age points to a time when the church goes into an elevated condition of "compromise".  The gradual mixing of many Christians with worldly principles will come to a point where one cannot tell if they are Christian or not (Sidepoint: Pergamum was also one of those 7 churches described where the "seat of Satan was" Revelation 2:12-17 For more on how the seat of Satan got to Pergamum- Click here.)

It was through Solomon's desires, loves, and marriage alliances, that opened the door to his compromise and subsequently the allowance of things and practices that were not good for him and his people. Many of those things were forbidden by God and previously written about in the law.

Note: Please realize as we continue in the discussion that we do not necessarily endorse all views presented but will present them to you in a fashion that is balanced as much as possible. We will present these things to you for your benefit and perusal. They are not meant to dishonor Solomon or Israel. (For we ourselves pray for Israel) What is being done here is to look at what happened in that time and see how this fits into this time for our benefit and instruction. 1 Corinthians 10:11 Also some of these things presented and links may be difficult to receive. We recommend that you pray and walk by the Spirit. We believe many of these things shown will help you to further understand what is soon to be upon us. We will let the material presented do the convincing. If a particular author of a link presented appears a little slanted, put that aside and look only at the facts being stated. Add up the facts and see these patterns forming as our world congeals into One.

It is noted in history by many cultures that Solomon had a signet ring that was called "The seal of Solomon". This seal then was said to have magical attributes and was used to ward off demons. The design of the seal has similar features to what is on the flag of Israel now called "The Star of David" or the Magen David. So the first thing we can look at is how the present Star of David came to be on the present day flag and then tie this back into earlier history.

History of flag

Herzl, First Zionist Congress 1867

Concise History of where the Star of David Comes from?

History of Israels flag, Star of David, Herzel, Wolffsohn, Gershom Sholem MFA Gov

Rothschild Financing 1867 First Congress

Jewish Pholosophical Writer Gershom Scholem

Rosenzweig - The Star - MFA Gov

Gershom and Rosenzweig connected with Kaballah (Jewish Mysticism)

Star of David and Solomon's Seal

Interesting argument and info on the Star of David

Interesting discussion on Rothschild and the Red Shield

Star of David History Blog-Many Photos-Multicultural use-note Cactus

Star of Bethlehem Clip on Magi Stargazers from Babylon

Star of David pattern said to be used by early Astronomers



If you have looked at these links carefully you should have gathered that there was a fervent desire in Israel to repopulate its original territory. That Herzel had a deep desire to bring the nation of Israel back to its homeland and restart as a nation. They eventally picked as an emblem for the flag of Israel the star of David, the shield, and it consisted of two triangles one going up while the other pointed down. We see the star of David was used by Mr. Rothschild and see he was an important financier of the congress. We also see he had changed his name to Rothschild which means "Red Shield". Rothschild became very wealthy being first to learn about lending money to governments. There is a discussion on one of the links that he was possibly tied into kabbalah and was even supposedly a worshipper of Satan.

We also see connections of the star of David a hexegram figure with the Seal of Solomon. We see also the hexagram and even loosly connected to the pentagram. The seal of Solomon, a signet ring was also associated with magic and was said to ward off demonic forces. They were called talisman. As a shield is an instrument used in battle to protect against injury, so the seal of Solomon appeared to be used to ward off trouble.

Upon researching the above links you will see the hexagrams widespead use throughout many cultures, before it was used in the Jewish culture. Solomon was involved with

1. Moloch, Chemosh, and

2. Astarte :In Bible: Amos 5:25 : Acts 7:43

3. Queen of Heaven - associated with Astarte


Believe it or not, there is even Astarte or Asteroth is even associated with tarot cards. Notice (Ash- Teroth- Tarot) The Empress or The High Priestess is sitting on Solomon's throne in between Solomons Temple pillars B(Boaz) and J(Jacin) in comfortable control. She has the Tora on her lap. A crescent moon at her feet and in some representations stars above her head with a scepter in her hand. We recommend that you Do not access links for these images if you feel you are not comfortable in your faith, but for those who need to see this the links (Same card) are High Priestess and Empress II (Notice her similarity to Astarte as Goddess of fertility, love, and mothering.) If you look up Astarte will be a myriad of links on the occult, astrology, etc. The point here is Solomon fell into this and so followed Israel.


The plot thickens. Where The Seal of Solomon came from as a talisman, whether from Egypt , Sidonia, Assyria, or from the Babylonian area is not as important as what was being introduced into Israel via Solomon's marriage alliances. The consequential compromises thereafter resulting in Solomon's building altars for his foreign wives and participating in them himself in pagan worship is alarming. The ties that were networked invisibly in their souls between Solomon and his foreign wives began to come to visible fruition. Look at Solomon's mind as he writes in Ecclesiastes of how he knew wisdom was with him but how he took himself to the limit (Eagles-video)with his pleasures.Ecclesiastes 2:1-10

The reason why all of this may be important to us now is that Satan and his fallen angels that are under his command are presently influencing man's minds on this earth and is preparing to entrap and take as many of us with him to hell as he can. If possible even the elect. His objective is to present himself as a counterfeit savior "Messiah" to Israel and to the world. When he appears on this earth he will convince everyone with pretended signs and wonders. Yet even before he takes the central stage he is already preparing and shaping his "one world empire" that he tried once before to make happen in Noah's day when he got humankind "united" as one mind. This is when they tried to build the tower of Babylon. Genesis 11:1-8

In the book The Art of War which is taught at military schools, it speaks of the importance of knowing your enemy and yourself as the key to victory in battle. It worked well for me when I played chess as if I understood clearly what my opponent was planning I could plan my moves with my opponents strategy in mind. Anticipating what an opponents moves will be allows one to act with wisdom and not be deceived in battle. Many of the battles of Israel after prayer and inquiry with God were won by faith and God would present a winning counter strategy to what the enemy was doing. He still does that today in the Spirit.

The strategy that is in operation now prior to his arrival is to take rulership of this new world empire which is developing on several spiritual fronts. There are two main major fronts. One front is being orchestrated at this time as the need for the world to come together for the world to survive, mainly via economic and trade repair, poverty solution, the end of nuclear threats and wars, ultimately bringing us (as a world) together as one as we can battle these problems better when we're together(But the Iron will not mix with the clayDaniel 2:40-43). The second front is to convince us that we need to come together and celebrate all of our religions and faiths in God, for it will be proven and shown we have been worshipping the same God. So therefore we don't have to have division anymore amongst our religions. Everyone can worship their own flavor of the same God and all of us are God's children and we are all going to heaven.

The concept will be sold and given to us as the shiniest new car that everyone can drive like a brand new exciting red sportscar. Everything will be coming together as this empire forms, and the antichrist will take the center stage to lead this empire as its finally in place. True Christians will look stupid, intolerant, resistant, and be categorized as agitators and fundamentalists. As terrorism is dealt with and removed, ie; Muslim extremists, the next level of strategy will be the combating of the underlying causes of these divisions. That is religious division.









See Paragraph below---









On your right is a great teaching on how to be able to see in this present time. It is a mini-teaching on the Five Wise and Five Foolish Virgins. It really hits home for this time and age, and it is a good word of exhortation. Please enjoy this video on right upon finishing right column.----------------------->

A John Lennon One World Lullabye. Just before you gently close your eyes- Imagine what these Words are Truly Saying

A song that calls out to everyone to come together as "One World "-by Celtic woman

One World Religion Initiative

One World Religion Plan

With terrorism and extremism under better global control, the next step is bringing the world together religion wise. As the new world forms that is in the spirit of tolerance and compromise of all faiths such as with Constantine in the Roman Empire and Cyrus in the Mede-Persian Empire, it will look very odd for Christians to be declaring that Jesus is the only way. John 14:6 The reason why it will look odd and disruptive is that it will be shown and proven to us that the "Mother-Child" worship has been going on in many civilizations, ie; Egypt, Rome, Greece, Babylon along and we all have been worshipping the same Savior named Jesus in the Christian faith, but different names in different faiths since the Cradle of civilization. See- (Zeigeist deception and its debunking)

It will be proven and shown on several levels, in a very thorough and convincing way that while it will be ok to agree that the bible is from God as a whole, as we must respect everyone's beliefs, yet it will be shown that it is full of errors enough on several points New Testament and Old, that we can't rely on it as we once did.

Like Satan did with Eve in the beginning with God's word by questioning what God had said, and then challenging what God said, just short of making God out to be a liar, by implying that God was keeping the truth from them. Kind of reminds me of the premise presented by the Davinci Code implying that the church has been hiding things from us, asserting Jesus was just a man and he had a wife, Mary Magdelene, who had a blood line producing the true "Holy Grail" that is the Holy cup.

Jesus made a statement "When the Son of Man Comes will he find Faith on Earth." This is a very deep and profound statement. This implies there will be perhaps very little. It rings of when Abraham was negotiating with God over Sodom and Gomorrah's not being destroyed as a city if God could find "ten righteous men in it." Genesis 18:16-33 The attack and battle strategy is specifically over our faith will be over the validibility and reliabity of God keeping his specific promises and word. If God's word is shown to be unreliable, how can one entrust themselves to God's promise?

It is very important for Christians to hold on to his word as this battle develops for our minds and hearts. The culmination of this battle will be for our souls for eternity. Those who fall under this strong grand good looking delusion and deception will disconnect Surprised from their faith in Jesus in the way He set down in the gospel and will then choose to re-align their faith in this "One World Religion" It will be like they have faith in God, but not the true faith in Jesus being the Only Way to the Father as He himself proclaimed. He will be reduced to only one of the ways. Acts 4:12

Just like the snake wiggled its tail as a worm, an attractive meal for the mouse earlier in the video on the left column, so that ancient Serpent will attract mankind into being branded, bonded, and sealed with him for eternity. That branding and sealing will be the reception of the mark of the beast. It is an irreversible branding.

Now Jesus is stronger than any deception or threat that the enemy can dish out. There is no weapon formed against us that will prosper Yet, this deception is said to be so strong that it will even "fool some of the elect" It will cause many to fall away. We Christians think we will be out of here by the rapture before this happens and that's true. But let's look how close it will be before the rapture actually occurs. Many will doubt and say "Where is the promise of His coming?"

The apostle Paul wrote to the Church at Thessalonica. This church not only consisted of Jewish members of the body of Christ, but gentile members as well. Remember Paul was chosen by Jesus as an instrument to spread the good news of the kingdom also to the gentiles. So when we read the letter to the church, specifically 2 Thess 2:1-17 , we can see that two things have to happen. One, a great falling away occurs, and two, the lawless one is revealed. Now if there is a great falling away you first have to be following to fall away. You cannot fall away if you have never entered the kingdom of God. Number Two, if there is to be a great delusion as described in 2 Thessalonians in link above, who will the lawless one be revealed to? Unbelievers? Revealed means to uncover or disclose. Satan will be attempting to deceive, not reveal. People will see him but will think he is like a savior. Only believers will see who he is. This verse may very well be indicating that God, through the Holy Spirit, will eventually let us see who he is. But that would mean we may still be here just prior to the seven year tribulation period where the antichrist seals the deal for a seven year peace treaty that will be broken by him mid-way. This is still pre-trib.

Yet it is very important for us to get that there will be a great falling away. Please don't let it happen to you. If you're on the fence get off the fence and get focused on Jesus and in his precious promises.

Remember how the woman in Proverbs ran out to meet the wanderer at twilight. She took hold of him and kissed him. How she seduced him further with her smooth words and he followed her. Proverbs 7:1-27 Notice how this woman is similar to the Queen of heaven and Astarte (Notice inside link Innana's or the Sumerian's version as she went through the streets attracting men to her bed.) Remember Tyre the city of trade prostituted herself with the nations by her trade, and the Woman in red riding the dragon like a prostitute as well in Revelation.

The power of this spiritual seduction will appear very attractive. Notice how the man did not quite seem to know where he was as if he was a little drunk and did not know where he stood with respect to the word in the twilight between light and darkness. Notice how God warns us to stay focused on the Word to avoid this seductive woman.

I believe this seduction will feel good to our minds, will seem great like the best answer for right now as we stagger and are stunned through these troubled times, not sure and confident where we are going. Those that do not stay sober and focused with the word will go with her flow, with the world's flow, not knowing the trap that is just behind the corner. If she gets us to get in bed with her and participate with her in this adulterated spirit of compromise and tolerance, we will let go of the word of God, and that perhaps for eternity if we let it.

There is a fork in the road just up ahead in time. The fork in the road will be subtle. It will be between pantheistic believing, (the promotion of love, the betterhood and respect of man), and love of the truth- Jesus as the only means to the Father, and the love of others, the betterhood, and the respect of fellow man. It is almost identicle. Both ways believe in a Jesus. Yet only one sees him as who He really is; the only begotten Son of the Father, and the only means by which we can have true acess to the Father. Any other attempt, no matter how good it may seem, make sense, or feel, will not due the sincere person much good. Jesus himself said it.

This is why it will appear to many, that Christians are just being unreasonable and intolerant. Matthew 16:13-17 2 Peter 1:16-18 It is because many will not allow themselves to be disconnected by the deception and darkness. No, it is the time of the five foolish and five wise virgins as Jesus stated in Matthew 25:1-13.


As posted at Lamb and Lion Ministries:

"The most popular apostasy in Christendom today is the teaching that God has revealed Himself in many different ways to different cultures and that, therefore, all religions worship the same god, but just use different names. From this viewpoint, the Allah of Islam is the same as the Yahweh of Judaism and both are the same as the Krishna of Hinduism. The natural conclusion that is drawn from this apostate idea is that there are many different paths to God, Jesus being only one of them. This has led liberal leaders of groups like The National Council of Churches in the United States and the World Council to condemn missionary activity as "arrogant" and "anti-cultural."1

The Bible teaches that these apostate Christian leaders are eventually going to succeed, at least temporarily. Their triumph will occur when the Antichrist forms his one world religion." (Revelation 13:12). To Read More about this article Click Here!


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