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INSTRUCTIONS - This is a sample email you can use to introduce us to friends and family who are believers in Christ to the Author and Collaborator for the novel. We ask that whenever possible you make a phone call, send them an email, inbox them a personal message on facebook asking for permission to forward this email to them. If previously obtained then just copy and highlight the entire color filled area and include the written disclaimer. After it is highlighted then you can open up the "Compose Email" option where you can paste it directly into your email.  This is written in html format. Once it is in your email, the top portion is editable. You can insert your name in place of the area that says "Dear Friends" then put your name in place of the word friends. From there you can forward to a friend or someone you know. -- If sending to a stranger or acquaintance who is a believer, you can copy and paste and use it as is.

When sending it out please put this phrase on the subject line:

"Like a Christian Da Vinci Code, A type of Left Behind, I am helping some friends."

Before pasting this to your email, if your sending to people that know you write a small note:  (When they call, let them know what you've done and encourage them to join you in becoming part of this project.)

Example:  Hi Joe,  

I'm helping some friends with a project. Please read this, let me know what you think. Please get back with me, call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx so we can talk about it.




The 144,000 Project  - An Ebook Witnessing Revolution

Dear  Friends,

Today I'd like to introduce my friend and business partner, Author James L. Regan, He's a Science Writer, Creation Science Theorist, Apologist and Lay Minister. He is also Co-Founder of All of the Answers, LLC, and an experienced Medical Technologist.

What began as a comprehensive investigation into the paranormal, from a biblical and scientific perspective, led us into the Frameworks Series at Alloftheanswers.com and became the foundational premise of the new Frameworks novel. Based partially on the research of this extensive series, eyewitness accounts of real human experimentation, and the actual rising structures of the new world order, this same story has now inspired a newsletter and a screenplay. As the next major end time book series is getting ready to hit the world stage there is a history making opportunity for individuals in the body of Christ to come together in a unique way and take part in the effort to produce what will become one of the greatest soul winning book series and films of all time.

Designed to capture the imagination of the secular marketplace it takes the knowledge of this series and the writers' ability for setting the record straight to whole new level. The story itself embeds UFOs, conspiracy theories, sci-fi, and biblical prophecy in such a way that some have called it a "Left Behind, on Steroids." Renown Author Jerry B. Jenkins said: "What you're attempting is what Dr. LaHaye and I were striving for, so I resonate with that and applaud your efforts." (1) He later requested and reviewed chapters through personal emails and gave direct feedback related to the book's strengths and weaknesses.

What makes this story unique is its alluringly seamless blend of reality and fiction. Although some people feel that this book favors the mid-tribulation theory, the story actually places the rapture up to and past the beginning of the Antichrist's reveal, yet before the seven years of tribulation are initiated when the 7 year peace treaty is signed with Israel. The Bible talks about a strong delusion. What kind of delusion would be strong enough to "deceive the very elect, if that were possible?" (Matthew 24:24) A strong delusion hits the characters and the world is suddenly questioning all that they have ever known or believed. Those that are not firmly grounded in the faith, become deceived and join the endtime great apostasy as is mentioned in 2 Thessalonians 2:3.

The novel is a Christian storyline that is disguised as a secular one with a message and warning to both Christians and non-believers. Each person is drawn into a story unlike anything they've ever experienced before. When  non-believers begin to read it they get so deep into the story long before they realize any indication of it being a Christian Novel. People of different walks of life, even atheists,  have read the book all the way through. Used as a witnessing tool, it is a powerful way to edify yourself and reach the lost. The story goes on for two thirds of the book until you see the Christian truth revealed in the fulfillment of end time prophecies. At the point where the story-line becomes utterly captivating; The Word of God gets sown. The story then culminates with twists and turns towards a surprising climax that will enthrall the reader and give them essential knowledge for navigating the end times. It is an eye opening tool for Christians to obtain a deeper understanding of just how close we are to the real end time scenario. This is a timely message both for the unsaved and for the body of Christ. This story offers you the most compelling fictionalized look at a future that is fast approaching.

The world is on a collision course  with the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Learn how just spending $1.44  for yourself and buying one as a gift for someone else can help create awareness of the book, help establish a major end times newsletter and the beginnings of a viable movie development project . For complete details of the project and how to participate please click on the link below and Click to select the 144,000  Project!

Respectfully Yours,

Rev. Phillip V. Guerra

Available in Nook, Kindle & Most E-book formats.
On-line & at booksellers worldwide.
978-1-4567-4315-4 (SC ISBN)
978-1-4567-4314-7 (HC ISBN)

• Footnote: (1) James Regan is a Member of the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writer's Guild. This quote from came from direct feedback and email correspondence in which Mr. Jenkins personally critiqued and gave personal feedback to Mr. Regan on the novel. This is not to be construed as a public endorsement, but rather an acknowledgement of the synopsis of the story line, book trailer, and sample chapters that were later sent at his request.









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